10 Things You Need To Know About World Most Luxurious Humanised Massage Chair

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 Revolutionary masterminds of OSIM Australia introduce novelty massage chair, the uInfinity Luxe, to worldwide consumers to commemorate its milestone year.

The uInfinity Luxe provides a multifaceted, luxurious experience with human-smart technology designed by world-renowned massage experts.


#1 Breakthrough Innovation

The innovative technology delivers the most humanized touch through customized, sophisticated downloadable programs, targeting the different areas and needs of the body.

The chair’s breakthrough technology downloads new massage programs and provides the user with endless options to address specific needs, ultimately enhancing one’s overall well being.

Users are not only given the sophisticated uInfinity Luxe, but also an endless resource of knowledge into the world of massage through future downloadable programs to satisfy the diverse and evolving needs of both the user and family.

Developers of the uInfinity Luxe have dedicated years of research to the art of massage, not compromising the user’s experience.

OSIM is committed to inspire users to experience the highest level in well-being innovations through a hybrid pairing of ancient art coupled with state-of-the-art technology.

This revolutionary experience refreshes users with a massage exceeding any established precedent of relaxation.


#2 Features & Benefits 

Once seated in uInfinity Luxe, one is immersed in a zero gravity, horizontal position designed to enhance the benefits of massage through deeper breathing.

Weight is distributed evenly across the body and is designed to relieve stressful tension from the spine and joints.

Equipped also with a versatile footrest, the leg massager can be put into use with a simple switch, depending on the user’s preference.

The Tui-Na technique of the firm push and pull is also employed through roller reflexology, providing an enjoyable and targeted deep tissue massage to relieve aches and strains by stimulating key meridians and reflexology points on the legs and feet.

By using the shoulder detection feature, the massage chair factors in the user’s unique physical build at the start of every automatic massage.

This ensures the complete benefit of the full curative effects from the most personalized massage.


#3 Outstanding Deisgn 

Through its many customizations, uInfinity Luxe is designed to address the needs of a plethora of consumers.

Massages calm and soothe the basic, daily pain of the average user and also administer therapeutic relief to target precise and soothing solutions for those with specific needs.

It is restorative with a customized suite to balance the unique desires of body and mind.

Lastly, it also engages those with active lifestyles, aiding in the recovery and relaxation of the active individual.

#4 Designed Japanese Chiropractic massage expert

This is what he said 'My years of experience in massage treatment have given me insights into many types of ailments. The suite of lifestyle massage programs that I’ve created in OSIM uInfinity Luxe are specially crafted to serve the distinct needs of different users, while providing a most humanised and effective massage for improved well-being,''

#5 Accupunture Massage Program

Whether needed to relax or to sharpen focus, the additional head massage feature addresses both requirements. Attending to the cranium, the integrated head massager merges a combination of three masterful massage styles.

The Bai Hui massage, targeting the acupressure point at the crown of the head, invokes light percussive tapping sensations helping to enhance circulation and oxygen flow to the brain.

Next, the Tai Yang acupressure executes a firm, but comfortable airbag massage on the temples that helps relieve headaches caused by tension and stress.

Lastly, the Feng Chi massage soothes stiff neck muscles and relaxes tense knots below the head with gentle pressing, mimicking the light hands of a masseuse.


#6 Downloadable Programs

The massage chair concentrates on varying needs via four main massage programs, from which other downloadable programs emanate.

The first massage program, called the Scholar Relax, is a full body massage designed to compose and relax the user.

This tranquil program mixes slow rolling techniques, soft airbags and a calming head massage to fully calm and relieve tension.

This all-encompassing natural remedy is for those with moderate to busy lifestyles, as it provides an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a luxurious immersion.


#7 Head Massager

In the same way, the uInfinity Luxe also addresses the opposite needs.

If one is feeling drowsy and requires rejuvenation, the Scholar Energise feature enhances concentration and focus for work or study.

The innovative head massage unit, accompanying its full-body massage chair, heightens the creative fusion of airbags and tappers to massage the head, sharpening the mind’s concentration and focus for better productivity.

#8 Hot Stones Program

Next, the Hot Stones massage applies a signature warm application to relax tense muscles, making one feel as though they are melting into the chair.

This full-body massage provides the deepest relaxation and is administered through soft, slow movements accompanied by hot stones.

Deliberately gentle and unhurried to accentuate the presence of warm air, the program raises body temperature and accelerates surface blood flow to relieve any tension present.

#9 Air Spa Program

Lastly, the Air Spa feature provides users of all backgrounds with their most unique and customer-oriented program guaranteed to provide a luxurious full air massage with added heat.

The uInfinity Luxe provides a humanised massage feel with comprehensive full-body coverage, making one feel as though they are floating on a bed of warm air.

Spreading out from the epicenter of the body, its rhythmic warm air soothes and calms to achieve the ultimate floating feeling.

This premium version of air massage encompasses not just the body, but also the head in a synchrony.

#10 Customised Massage Program

If additional attention is desired, manual massage options will be available as well.

Desired massage techniques are customised to various degrees of speed and strength, as it rolls, kneads and taps away aches from head-to-toe.

Surpassing established performance and quality standards, the uInfinity Luxe opens the mind to ultimate relaxation, responding fully to the body’s need for relaxation while never neglecting the importance of engaging the mind.


The uInfinity Luxe is the epitome of massage indulgence as users retreat to an inner calm, tranquil sanctuary. Experience a new level of bliss with the art of a personal masseuse at one’s command.



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