3 Best Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

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Back pain can be debilitating, it hinders movement, makes you uncomfortable and is limiting in terms of the activities that an individual can engage in. While the real cause of the back pain needs to be established before embarking on relieving it, it is important to understand the best exercises that one can use to overcome the problem.

Here are three exercises that can help relieve back pain. Before beginning any exercise, it is highly recommended to consult your physician or physiotherapist, he or she will advise you on what you can do and what you can’t based on your condition.


Step #1 Pelvic tilting

This exercise calls for one to lie on the back while the knees are bent and the feet are flat on the floor. The lower back should lay flat on the floor and at the same time tilt the pelvis down.

One should hold for approximately twenty to thirty seconds while breathing deeply and slowly before releasing. The small movements of this exercise help in reducing tension around the back area and eventually help to ease the pain.

This exercise can be repeated several times while paying special attention to the body, in case of any pain while in the process it is advisable to stop the exercise immediately.


Step #2 Abdominal strengthening

To achieve this you need to lie down on your back while placing a flat cushion to support the head. While bending the feet, keep the feet straight and the hips some distance apart. The upper body should be firmly relaxed on the ground while the chin is gently tucked in.

Draw a breath and after a few seconds release it, while ensuring that the pelvic muscles and the lower abdomen are drawn up. Hold a gentle contraction for up to five breaths and then relax. Repeat this for at least five minutes.

The exercise should be slow and gentle while ensuring that the muscles are not pulled to the maximum strength. The neck, legs and shoulder regions should not be tensed up.


Step #3 Perfect knee rolls

This exercise helps in stretching the back muscles as well as mobilizing the spine. It requires you to lie on your back while supporting your head with a flat pillow. The knees should be bent and in a close position.

The upper body needs to be relaxed and the chin gently tucked in. While in a stable and comfortable position roll the knees to right side, followed by the pelvis. While doing this ensure that the shoulders remain firmly on the ground.

Do the same for the left side while ensuring that you only stretch the body to comfortable limits. Repeat this approximately ten times.


These three exercises will go a long way in relieving back pain; they should be followed up with a massage to give the best results. While at it always remember to listen to your body, if there is any pain or discomfort, stop immediately and seek a doctor’s help.

When you can comfortably perform these exercises, increase the rounds gradually to achieve the ultimate relief and strength


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