4 Reasons To Try Massage For Back Pain

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Are you looking for a way to relax after a long day of work? 

Have you sought out treatment from a chiropractor or a masseur to help relieve your back pain, but with no success?

If the answer to either one of these questions is yes, you should consider the benefits of a massage chair or a handheld massage device.

In Australia, it's estimated that 3.7 million people have back problems, while 70-90% of people will experience lower back pain at some point. Don't be a statistic!

Here are four reasons why you should try massage for back pain!


Stress Relief

One of the biggest benefits of massage for back pain is that it improves your mood and is a stress reliever.

Are you under a lot of pressure at the office or sitting a lot at work? If so, you probably are feeling the effects of this in your back and could be experiencing increased headaches.

When you are sitting in a massage chair, you are forced to relax for an extended period of time. All of this can happen around your family in the comfort of your home.

This quiet time can help you clear your mind and relieve stress, which can also help to make you a happier person!

It's Natural

Some people resort to over-the-counter medicine or prescription drugs as a way to handle their back pain, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Massage offers natural health benefits without the side effects that can come with OTC or prescription drugs. 

It can also help save you the financial burden of paying for expensive prescriptions every month or more.

Better yet, owning a massage chair allows you to alleviate the costs of paying a masseur, travel time to an office location and parking costs.

This is because you can enjoy the benefits of a massage chair right in your own home!


Improved Circulation and Blood Flow

Massage for back pain has also been shown to improve your blood flow and circulation. 

The kneading of your body during massage helps unclog some congested areas in your blood stream.

Different pressure levels provided by massage chairs also help to send blood flowing in and out of multiple areas of your body.

Helps Flexibility

Massage is a common form of treatment for athletes and non-athletes because of it's injury prevention benefits. 

The pressure used during a massage on muscles and other tendons help to loosen up those areas and increases your flexibility as you age.

The flexibility benefits of massage for back pain are most noticed over a sustained period of receiving regular massages! 


Massage for Back Pain is Worth Trying

If you have been considering trying massage for your back pain, now is the time to reward yourself.

It's a natural way to help address pain without the use of medications or other pills. It also relieves stress and helps improve your flexibility, blood flow, and circulation.

Consider trying out a massage chair as a way to help relieve your back pain and improve your health today!



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