5 Deep Breathing Yoga Exercises for You to Try

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So, it seems you've excelled at yoga and want to try some breathing. Good idea! 

Many professional athletes swear by yoga, not just for flexibility but also for mental health.

There are plenty of reasons to try deep breathing, from relaxation to clearing toxins from your body and many other benefits. 

Here are five to try. 

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1. The Bumble Bee Breath

The Bumble Bee breath isn't named for a mysterious reason. It makes you sound like a bumble bee. 

While its name isn't wildly clever, the breath is still fantastic for calming nerves. Sit, relaxed, on the floor. 

Breathe in and fill your lungs to capacity. Then, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth. 

Make a bee sound. Seriously, just like a bumble bee. This will cause you to exhale like a vibrating insect.

Pause three seconds after exhaling before inhaling again. By getting into this rhythm, after a few minutes you'll be in a calmer state.  


2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

This one is good for people looking for a moment of relaxation and clarity. 

To perform this breath, sit up in your chair or on the ground. Take your middle finger and raise it up to your nose and cover your right nostril. 

Inhale through your left nostril. Now switch nostrils, covering the left and exhaling through your right. 

Think of this breathing movement as a way of cleansing your head. 


3. Bellow Breath 

Sit straight up and raise your hands to the sky. You can have them balled up or in fists. 

Hold that stretch for a beat as your bring in deeply. On the exhale, bring your elbows to your side--smoothly and softly--and make a "Huh!" sound. 

This can help calm your nerves or wake you up after a long time sitting.  


4. Lion's Breath 

Take a deep breath and cock your head back. 

As you exhale, open your mouth as wide as it goes. Stick out your tongue. Let your vocal chords get in on the action. 

You'll make a little noise that's not quite like a lion. 

But you will look like a lion, and feel more like one after you sense the newfound relaxation. 


5. Fire Breather

Sit up straight on the ground. Breath in slowly and fill your lungs.

Then exhale through your nose in several short bursts. Your stomach should move with every burst. 

Imagine that you're blowing out a fire. It should take several breaths for you to completely exhale the air you've taken in. 

Pause for a beat and take a shallower breath and exhale it cleanly. Then repeat the same breath several more times.  

There won't be any fires in front of you after that. 

It's Time to Be Calm

Got them down pat? With these new breathing techniques in mind, you'll become healthier by the day. 

If you have any more questions about breathing techniques or want to learn some new ones, feel free to reach out to someone on our team. You're one step closer to becoming a healthier you. 

It's literally as easy as taking a breath. 


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