5 Easy Tips for Warm Feet and Better Blood Circulation

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There are many reasons for having numb feet, and improving the blood circulation is a key way to resolve this problem.

There are lots of ways to improve the circulation in your feet.
Here's our top five ways to warmer, less-numb feet.

1. Foot Massage.

Either done by yourself or given by a partner, a foot massage is a great way to both relax and to improve blood circulation and stimulate the nerves in the feet. 

2. Light Exercise.

Web MD recommends regular, light exercise for people with poor blood circulation to their feet.

Low-impact activities such as bicycling, yoga, and swimming all have minimal pressure on the feet, but can really improve blood flow when done several times a week.  

3. A Warm Compress or Foot Bath.

Using a washcloth soaked in warm water, place a warm compress on your feet, and replace as needed until the feet warm and the blood flow improves.

A hot foot bath with Epsom salts is also a good alternative to this method, and requires fewer replacements of washcloths, although it does make a bit more of a mess.  

4. Drink More Water.

Dehydration is directly tied to lower blood circulation, and therefore can aggravate problems for persons already prone to cold, numb feet.

Remember that common beverages such as coffee and alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body.

Adding in an extra glass of water or two a day may help people who are dehydrated with poor foot circulation. 

5. Wear Insoles.

For many people, uncomfortable shoes with bad insoles causes poor blood circulation in the feet.

Insoles uses a combination of vital reflex points and carefully placed magnets to stimulate blood flow in the feet.

By stimulating the body's natural healing ability, these insoles leave your feet warmer and less numb as they increase blood circulation.

You may find out more information about Health Soles from OSIM Australia

Also you may download foot reflexology chart as an anternative way to improve blood circulation.


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