5 Massage Tips to Get rid of Back Pain

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Back pain is difficult to handle. It may hinder in your daily routine i.e. stopping from performing important tasks. That is why there is a need to treat this back pain as soon as possible. If left ignored, it can turn into something unbearable. Massage is considered to be the best solution to this problem. It helps in the reduction of pain without the inclusion of any surgical procedure.

Here are some important tips you need to consider while having a massage:


#Tip 1: Identification of knot and pressure application:

The first massage tip you need to consider is that you have to identify the exact point where you are feeling knots.

These knots are the main thing due to which you are feeling the pain in your back. Once these knots are identified, you will be able to treat them in an effective way.

After the identification, you need to apply pressure on it. The pressure application work needs to done with full care.


#Tip 2: Use tennis ball:

A tennis ball is the tool that can be used as a helpful thing to treat the knots in your body. You can use a tennis ball either against the wall or by lying on the floor.

Place the tennis ball in a way that it comes between you and the hard surface. The pressure exerted by the ball should focus on the knot in your body.


#Tip 3: Stretch the knots:

Treating the knots that are being created in your body is important. The creation of these knots is the basic cause due to which the back pain is created.

For getting rid of these, you need to engage yourself in different stretching exercises. Although these exercises may not completely remove the knots but they will reduce the pain you are feeling in your body.

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#Tip 4: Squeeze and stretch your shoulders:

During a massage, you can stretch your shoulder in outer and inward direction. This stretching will help in maintaining the blood flow in your body.

You can start it by placing your hands on the shoulder and then moving your elbows inwards and outwards. For squeezing, place your arms at the waist level in the 45 degree angle.

Remaining in this posture, stretch the arms in the outwards direction. Make sure you do not extend your chest in this process.


#Tip 5: Application of hot pad:

In addition to the massage, it is important to apply hot pads on the affected area. This is specifically done if you are having back pain because of any kind of injury. The hot pad should be applied on the affected area for about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat this for three to four days after the injury.


These were the important tips you need to consider while you are thinking about getting a massage for your back pain.   


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