5 Neck Pain Exercises for Treating Whiplash

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One of the more debilitating injuries is whiplash, or neck strain. 

Whiplash is typically caused by a sudden jerking of the neck.

It often presents itself during car accidents and other activities in which the neck is quickly bent forward without warning.

After whiplash has first presented itself, it can quickly become chronic and difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, there are a number of measures which can be taken to counteract the neck pain associated with whiplash. Most of these measures lie in the category of neck exercises. 

These are 5 exercises for treating whiplash. 


1. Side Bends

One terrific exercise to make use of in order to counteract whiplash is the neck side bend. You could guess by the name of the exercise that it works to improve the side-to-side movement of your neck. 

Doing a side bend is simple. Start by sitting up straight and moving your shoulder blades together as far as they can go.

Now, lower the right side of your head to your right shoulder as far as it can go.

Repeat this process by lowering the left side of your head to your left shoulder. 

Doing this regularly will stretch the muscles in the neck, and help alleviate pain. 


2. Chin Tucks

The next exercise to try is the chin tuck. This exercise is designed to stretch the muscle in the back of your neck. 

Begin the exercise by sitting up straight and drawing your shoulders back.

Once they're back, bring your head back and down until your chin has gone down as far as it can go.

Hold in this position for around 5 seconds each time.

Doing this in sets of 3 around 10 times a day should result in a reduction of neck pain. 


3. Rotation

This next exercise involves simply rotating your head until you're looking over your shoulder. 

Once your head is turned fully and you're looking over your shoulder, hold the said position for around 5 seconds.

After you've done this, look over your other shoulder and hold for 5 more seconds.

Doing this 5 to 10 times a day should provide you with noticeable results. 

4. Isometric Exercise

Isometric exercises are exercises in which action is exerted by a muscle without the muscle having to move. 

For whiplash, there are several isometric exercises you can do. They all involve pushing your head against your hand. 

Place your hand on the front, back, or sides of your forehead and attempt to push against it.

However, use enough resistance so that your head doesn't actually move. 

Performing these exercises 5 to 10 times daily will help to strengthen your neck muscles. 

Neck extension stretch.png

5. Neck Extension

Neck extensions are done by pulling the chin toward the body and looking up simultaneously.

By moving your head and neck in this motion, you will feel a stretch on the front side of your neck. 

Like other exercises we've discussed, this should be done while sitting up straight. 

Hold the stretch for around 5 seconds each time.

Doing 5 to 10 sets of these a day will strengthen the muscle and reduce overall neck pain. 

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