5 Reasons Why Office Workers Need Massage

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If you're an office worker, you may be half-heartedly attempting stretches while knowing that you really need massage.

Massages relax us, and just the thought of soft music and aromatherapy can send us wistfully thinking of lying on a table while a skilled professional works out all the knots in your back.

It's all an elaborate fantasy, isn't it? Think again! There are several reasons why office workers can benefit from massage. Read on for the top 5.


There's no way around it: office work can be beastly when it comes to stress.

Did you know that when we're stressed mentally, it takes a physical toll on our bodies as well? We often store stress at different points in our bodies, demonstrated by tense shoulders and a tight back.

Massage helps office workers relax, and they're in desperate need of it.


Poor posture

Office workers don't have the best posture. That isn't a secret.

Think about it: we're slouched at our desks all day, cramped up in a chair while we type away on our keyboards. It doesn't exactly lend itself to a straight spine, does it?

Office workers often need massage to combat the back pain caused by poor posture. Even if your job isn't particularly stressful (count yourself lucky), massage can help correct any back issues caused by poor, slouching posture.

Limited mobility

When you're sitting at your desk all day typing or talking on the phone, you aren't allowed a very wide range of motion. Of course, you're allowed up to wander around the office, but sooner or later you'll be right back where you started: curled up in that ergonomic chair.

This limited mobility makes your muscles tense up. Ever gotten a kink in your neck from sleeping on it wrong? The same thing happens when your body's in the same position for a long enough time.

Stretching is recommended, but sometimes the only way to breathe new life into those sore muscles is through massage.

Ever felt like you're experiencing a full-body cramp? You may need a massage to smooth things out again.


If you're comfortable in the office, how much work do you get done? I'll bet it's much more than when you're stressed and uncomfortable.

When office workers experience the relaxing benefits of massage, their productivity levels will go through the roof! More productivity equals happy managers, and massage equals happy employees.

Pain prevention

Taking care of that back pain or stress level now can do wonders to prevent pain in the future.

Think of massage like a reset. That doesn't mean you need to wait for your pain threshold to fill up again before another trip to the massage therapist, but problems with pain tend to beget more problems.

Take away the pain problem in the first place, and you'll be set!


Office workers need massage!

The evidence is clear that office workers benefit from massage. Even on a mental level, massage can be clarifying and freeing.

Less clutter in the mind means more productivity in the office and a better quality of life in general.

Has your life as an office worker benefitted from the introduction of massage? We'd love to hear from you!


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