5 Reasons You Have Bruises From Massage Chairs

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You're getting bruises from a massage chair.

Are you just an "easy bruiser"? Is this normal? Is getting bruises from massage dangerous?

You have some questions. We've got the answers. Let's explore why you're bruising and what to do about it.

1) Ruptured Blood Vessels

Quality massage chairs can give you a massage that ranges from light pressure to deep tissue. Deep tissue massages are the most likely to give a person bruises.

You have veins, arteries, and tiny capillaries moving throughout your body. Capillaries are particularly delicate. When they rupture, blood pools under the skin.

And we see that black and blue bruise colour from the outside.

It may also gather inside the muscles. When it does, it's called an intra-muscular bruise, which can be rather painful.

The Fix

You can still get a great, effective massage without this bruising. Adjust your settings and ease into your first few massages to find the right setting for you.

2) Prolonged Sessions

Another common cause is staying in your massage chair too long. You may be relaxing while watching television or listening to music. You might even fall asleep.

The Fix

Massage chair benefits are best achieved in short increments. You get no added benefit from staying in the seat longer.

Only use a massage chair with a timer that shuts it off automatically.

15 minutes is the recommended maximum for one session. And for most people, 1-5 minutes is sufficient to get the job done.

Overdoing frequency could also increase adverse reactions. 3-4 times a week is sufficient.

Start slow and go longer if needed. But don't go over 15 to avoid bruising.

3) Medical & Other Conditions

Certain conditions can increase your chances of bruising:

  • You're an "easy bruiser"
  • Age
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Extreme sun exposure
  • Thin skin

The Fix

Start with a lower setting and work your way up to see what you can tolerate.

4) You're Using Too High a Setting

Massage chairs are powerful at max settings.

They have several speeds, intensities, and types. You're not intended to run them at max for extended periods of time.

If you're using a setting that is too intense for your unique physiology, you'll get bruises from massage.

The Fix

Work your way up. Test out different settings. Know that massage should never be painful.

5) You're Taking Certain Medications

Corticosteroids and blood thinners will make you more likely to get bruises from massages.

The Fix

Talk to your doctor. And start with very low settings. See what works best for you.

What If You Already Have Bruises from Massage?

Apply a cold compress. Reduce the blood flow to the area by avoiding physical activity. Don't put extra pressure on the area.

After 2 days if the bruises haven't significantly improved, switch to heat to speed the healing process.

Massages Chairs Help Promote a Healthier You

A bruising experience may make you hesitant to use a massage chair. But when you take these tiny precautions you can realise all of the benefits of massage without the bruising.


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