5 Simple Reflexology Massage will Boost Your Brain Memory

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Reflexology is based on the idea that your body can be divided in different zones to which applying pressure helps in getting rid of any symptoms.

Research tells us that reflexology has 4 major functions.

  • It helps in relieving pain throughout the body.
  • It can impact specific organs e.g. increasing the flow of blood to the kidneys.
  • Reduces anxiety and creates a relaxation effect.
  • It brings about an amelioration of some symptoms by helping organs work the way they are supposed to.


Reflexology Massage and Brain Decision Making

Memory and concentration are needed at any point of time in life and in any age. Whether you have an exam preparation to do so or are trying to figure out road directions, memory is the most important factor.

One of the biggest factors of losing concentration occurs due to stress. Since our brain keeps functioning all the time, we need to keep it relaxed and focused in order for it to work it properly.

5 simple reflexology steps will help you make quick decisions and increase your memory and concentration ability.

  1. The brain reflexology point is located underneath your big toe, basically the toe pad of your big toe. The brain reflexology points are located on both your left foot and right foot.
  2. To understand how the reflexology massages for the brain works one must need to know that the reflexology point for the left side of the brain is on your right toe and for the right side of the brain on your left toe.
  3. With all the traditional Chinese reflexology points, you can use your knuckles, thumb or fingers to massage the pressure points on your feet
  4. For the reflexology massage for your brain, use your thumb to rub and press the toe pad in upwards and downwards motion from the tip to just below the base of the toe.
  5. While massaging your toe, move across the toe pad from one side to another. Perform these steps in the same way every day for a minute or two. Repeat the same for your other toe. 

Reflexology is based on the fact that the nerves in your hands, ears and feet are corresponded with other parts of your body.

Applying reflexes on these certain parts of your body can help in relieving symptoms in different parts of the body


The above mentioned reflex point is simply great to use. In no time you will notice a change in yourself and feel even more relaxed and contended than ever before. But for that, it is important that you follow these steps regularly in order to get the desired results.

Relax your muscles and clear your mind, don’t overload yourself with tons of information. Practice these techniques and enjoy having a healthy brain.


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