5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Posted by Ho on 19-Aug-2017 13:00:00

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You already know that massages feel great and relax your tense muscles. However, did you know that massages can actually reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety? What about the fact that that they can improve your posture?

These are just a few of the surprising benefits of massage therapy.

Today, we're discussing how the incredible power of touch can transform you from the inside out.

1. It Boosts Your Serotonin Levels

Ever get so relaxed on the massage table that you feel your eyelids drooping? Ever leave feeling calmer and at peace than you were when you entered?

There's a scientific reason for that! One of the most interesting benefits of massage therapy is that it increases the levels of serotonin in your body.

Put simply, serotonin is a natural chemical that regulates our moods, relieves our stress, helps us sleep, aids with digestion, and much more.

Higher levels of serotonin are linked with the following benefits:

  • Reduced depression
  • Lessened anxiety
  • Better bowel control
  • Regulated sleep patterns

By stimulating your body to produce more of this chemical, massage therapy jumpstarts a powerful mental and physical change.


2. It Can Make You a Better Athlete

As you work out the kinks in your muscles, you could actually be making them more physically adept.

Thanks to recent research linking massage therapy to enhanced blood flow, reduced muscle tension, and improved muscle flexibility, we see how important of a role massage plays in improving athletic performance.

After a strenuous workout, many athletes opt for a massage. Not only does this help them loosen tight muscles, it acts as a catalyst to quicken the pace of muscle recovery and reduced soreness.


3. It Builds Your Immunity 

The next time you feel a cold coming on, don't just take your Vitamin C -- take the time to invest in a massage as well!

Science shows that even a massage lasting under an hour is enough to boost our levels of lymphocytes. These are our white blood cells responsible for fighting off impending diseases.

Other physiological changes that positively affect our health? Massage therapy also decreases cytokines, the molecules in our makeup that trigger inflammation. It also lowers our levels of cortisol, our primary stress hormone.


4. It'll Improve Your Posture

Today, more people sit in front of a computer than ever before. 

As such, we're constantly dealing with strained muscles in our necks, shoulders, and back.

One of the benefits of massage therapy is that it can actually serve to rebalance and reset those muscles.

As your muscles loosen, they can more easily find their natural position. This allows you to stand and sit straighter, without the added weight of stress and pressure weighing you down.


5. It Can Help You Focus

It's no coincidence you leave a massage feeling clear-headed and with a renewed sense of clarity.

The practice not only relieves tension in your muscles -- it also helps relax you mentally.

In fact, medical studies have revealed massage therapy as being a potential treatment option for persons suffering from ADHD.

One of the reasons?

Improved mood levels are directly related to a reduction in squirminess and hyperactivity. As stress levels decrease, researchers are discovering that the shift can lead to many positive benefits, including an improved ability to concentrate and direct attention.


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