5 Things to Look For In A Massage Chair

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A massage chair can be an incredible way to reap all the benefits of regular massage therapy without having the hassle of appointments and expensive hourly rates. 

But what makes a good massage chair?

We are going to lay out the five things to look for in a massage chair so that you can make an informed choice and get the best chair possible. 


Why a massage chair?

Asides from tapping into the awesome benefits of a massage, owning a chair can have a few great perks. 

On Demand Massage.

No more having to book an appointment and drive to the clinic, you can access a massage at any time with your chair. 

Multi-task potential. 

When going to a massage clinic you are pretty much unavailable during the duration of the session.

By using a chair you can incorporate your massage into other day-to-day activities whether it's leisure like watching a movie or work such as responding to emails. 

It pays for itself.

While many people see a massage chair as an expensive luxury, it actually can be a very cost-effective option. 

Most chairs cost the same price as a few regular massage session, so it actually is a great investment that everyone in the home can benefit from. 

5 things to look out for in a massage chair. 



1. Features.

What are your needs? Top of the line chairs will include the follow features:

  • Head to toe massage options.
  • Lumbar spine pampering.
  • Built-in audio system for relaxation. 
  • Programable massage program.
  • Customizable intensity.
  • Remembers 3 unique users.
  • Smartphone app control.
  • Can be easily moved around.
  • 1800-2000 rpm vibration. 

Deciding what features you want will help you make the best choice. 

2. After sales service

When making an investment in a massage chair you will want to make sure that you have good after sales service.

This will give you peace of mind in the unlikely event that something happens to your chair. It also means that it can be repaired quickly so you can continue to enjoy the benefits. 

3. Brand reliability. 

It's important to choose a reputable, long-running brand that has experience in producing and selling massage chairs in order to receive the best quality product.

Your after sales service is only useful if the company is still in business when you need it, so a new startup may not be the safest option for an investment such as a massage chair.

4. Style. 

While a massage chair is primarily a functional product there are many great styles to choose from.

This is important especially if you plan on matching the massage chair with your current interior design.

5. Size. 

Some massage chairs are bigger than others and can take up quite a lot of space. 

Many people opt to choose a massage chair that can be used as a regular chair and save space by incorporating it into pre-existing furniture arrangements. 


Investing in a massage chair. 

We have a wide range of massage chairs available in store and online.

After being awarded internationally for our product design and quality we are one of the leading brands in the industry.

Every product is designed with our customer's well-being in mind and we will work with you each step of the way so you can get the best chair for your needs. 

Feel free to contact us should you require any assistance with your purchase. 

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