5 Tips for Having A Good Posture At Work

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Having a good posture is an important part of having good confidence and a sturdy build.

People always notice your posture and if you are slouching and not functioning right or well, people will automatically realize that something is wrong.

Therefore, the posture you have plays a huge and important role in improving your overall self-esteem and your overall look in general.If you are looking to improve your posture and don’t know where to start, follow this step by step guide below:

#1 Think There Is A String Pulling You

The first thing to note about improving your posture is to imagine there is a string that is gently pulling you towards the ceiling.

Imagining a visualization technique can help in improving your height and posture both.


#2 Giant X

Get someone to tape a big giant X on the back from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

Put a straight line of the tape across the shoulders in order to close the top of the X. Start wearing this during the day and it will help you in retraining your back.


#3 Don’t Slouch

If you want to improve your posture, make sure you don’t slouch. Try to make sure that you walk properly and walk as if you are balancing a book on your head.

Slouching is the worst thing that you can do and it can ruin your posture to an incredible extent. Therefore, always take a straight line, walk well and walk like you have a book on top of your head.


#4 Use Color As A Benchmark

We like another trick for improving postures. For every time you are about to slouch or forget to check your posture, think of a color and remember that color.

So if you need assistance in remembering how to keep your back straight, think of a color right away and then check your posture.

Therefore, for instance, if you have kept orange as a benchmark for your posture then think of orange and make sure that you think of it every time you slouch. This will help in straightening things up.


#5 Check Your Calves

The posture and balance you have should rely more on your calves. Try to make sure that you have a good, easy attitude and put a bounce in your step as well.

Not only does relying on your calves make sure your posture is straight, it also makes sure that your calves are stronger and better.

Always remember that you should have a good sleeping cycle as well if you want to have a good posture. If you want to stand tall and stay straight, sleep can do wonders for your body as well.



Improving your posture is all about standing right and straight but when it comes to improving your posture, there are certain tips that you must remember.

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