5 Ways Massage Chairs Are Great for Your Spine Health

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The condition of your spine is often an overlooked segment of your overall well-being.

Our jobs demand sitting in front of the computer or standing on our feet for 8 hours. Then, we come home tired and spend our time in a sedentary position.

Without exercise, the back muscles weaken. And because the spine supports the head and the entire body, it carries a lot of weight and pressure.

When the back muscles are overworked, we feel back pain and discomfort.

This is why you should take good care of your spine health and protect it from injuries and physical stress.

One good way to find relief is to get a nice back massage or go the gym. But in today's dynamic lifestyle, people rarely find the time for these activities.

So the best solution is investing in a high-quality massage chair that you can use at home every day.

Keep reading to discover how massage chairs improve your back health.

1. They Help Improve Balance and Posture

Massage chairs are specifically created with your body in mind. This is why they use several different massaging techniques to help your back muscles restore.

Once the energy starts flowing, the muscles relax and the strain slowly disappears.

When you complete a few massage sessions, you'll notice improvements in your balance and posture. This is a direct result of the massage chair targeting the right muscles.

2. They Align the Spine and Reduces Pressure

One of the most important components of spine health is alignment. The main role of your spine is to support your entire body in a horizontal position.

And for this job, it needs strength and proper posture.

If the vertebrae are misaligned, this can put immense pressure on the spinal nerves.

Massage chairs can reduce the pressure on the nerves and help align the spine back to its normal condition.

3. They Stimulate Blood Circulation

If your spine muscles are tense and painful, this can affect your blood circulation.

As a result, your cells won't receive as much oxygen and nutrients to function properly and you'll feel depleted of energy or in pain.

Massage chairs can help relax your tense muscles and increase your blood flow. 

4. They Relax the Back Muscles

One of the main reasons behind spinal pain and discomfort is tension in the muscles. And you can find easy relief in a simple massage, acupuncture, yoga or a long gym session.

But if you don't have the time or willpower for these things, just recline into your massage chair and let it do its magic.

Your whole body and mind will be relaxed and with constant use, your back pain will disappear as well.

5. They Increase the Level of Endorphin in Your Body

For optimal spine health, you should consider factors other than muscle tension. For example, stress can have a negative physical impact on your health and this includes the spine.

When you're stressed, your body releases cortisol and your spine muscles become tense, cramped or even painful.

A massage chair is a great solution for instant relaxation. In fact, it can reduce stress by stimulating the production of endorphins (a good mood hormone).

This is why massage feels so good.

Final Word on Massage Chairs and Spine Health

The health and strength of your spine depend on various factors, but taking good care of yourself and avoiding stress are two main ones.

So if you're dealing with back pain, but can't make it to a massage therapist or a chiropractor, do yourself a favor and buy an OSIM massage chair.

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