5 Ways Your Work Commute Is Giving You Neck Pain

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The average Australian spends over three hours per week commuting. In metropolitan areas like Sidney, that increases to five hours.

We spend a lot of time in the car or on public transportation. And if we're not making the right choices, we can be causing ourselves quite a bit of neck pain.

Having a stiff neck and back from your commute may seem inevitable.But like anything else, the decisions we make play a huge role in the way we feel. Look at these common mistakes in your commute.


Whether you're in a car or a bus, you should try to avoid staying perfectly still during your commute.

In fact, stillness can be a major problem for commuters everywhere.

It causes pain in two ways: the first is the potential that you are sitting still with bad form.

Of course having bad form can cause pain.

The second, more serious problem, is the connection between lack of exercise and obesity.

If you're sitting perfectly still for hours a day in the car, only to repeat this at work, you're very likely setting yourself up for chronic pain.



When you're dehydrated, you can cause yourself some problems.

A lack of H2O can be one of the biggest causes of chronic pain and can make existing pain symptoms worse.

One of the ways to combat this during your commute is by drinking plenty of water.

Use a water purifier and fill a travel bottle with some fresh water as you prepare for your commute.

In the long run, your neck will thank you.


Improper Form

It makes sense that sitting with improper form can lead to neck pain.

In some ways, bad form is unavoidable: you need to look around while you're driving.

But when you're on the bus or at the office, you should do what you can to minimize these problems.

Consider bringing a neck pillow to work or on the bus.

This will give your neck the support it needs to counteract your bad form.


Finding Your Blind Spot

Like most problems caused during your commute, you can't always avoid this one.

Cutting down on your driving time by taking public transportation or carpooling is probably one of the best choices here.

But if you want to drive, you need to look for your blind spot.

Unfortunately, this involves a lot of craning your neck.

This is one way that your commute is going to put some wear-and-tear on this part of your body: make sure you're willing to take action to repair the damage.


Going Straight to Your Desk

The daily commute of most Australians is a neck pain mine field.

So many of us make it even worse after the commute: we get out of the car or bus and go straight to our desks.

After you finish your commute, you need to take a minute to stretch.

Make sure you do the right stretches after you get out of the car to reduce the pain from your commute.

Fight Back Against Neck Pain

Being alive is itself a cause of neck pain. Luckily, we can help you fight back.

We offer a variety of products for people looking to reduce pain.

Our upper body massagers are particularly helpful!

We also have a blog that's filled-to-the-brim with helpful tips.

We want to help you be healthy and happy. Come along for the ride with us to make it happen.

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