6 Tips to Cure Numb Feet and Improve Blood Circulation

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Medically known as hypoesthesia, many factors cause numbness in the feet including poor circulation, pressure or injury to a nerve, constant stress on the feet, or a specific injury.

An unpleasant and bizarre sensation, hypoesthesia results in tingling or prickling and is often painful. Here are some helpful and all natural remedies to aid in reducing foot numbness and improving your overall circulation.

#1 Hot Compress

Utilize a hot compress in intervals of 10 minutes or substitute with a hot bath or shower until numbness subsides.

#2 Yoga 

Scientific studies prove yoga not only increases blood flow, but also raises  the levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, allowing vital oxygen to reach the body cells, thereby enhancing their function. 

#3 Herbal Therapy 

Taken internally or made into a paste and applied topically, the following herbs are known to improve blood circulation: turmeric, thyme, sage, ginkgo biloba, and chamomile.

#4 Massage 

Using coconut, primrose or olive oil, massage your feet paying special attention to the pressure points on your soles. Use short and brisk strokes to stimulate blood flow, followed by gentle strokes to warm and soothe.

#5 Exercise 

Sitting idle or in one position for an extended period of time will greatly contribute to your foot numbness. Be sure to get up and move periodically in a manner that is low-impact on your feet, for instance a gentle walk in the woods or on other soft surfaces such as a lawn or track. 

#6 Health Soles

 You may consider to wear Insoles everyday as an alternative of physical wellbeing. OSIM Australia offer magnets Health Soles, fabricated from durable synthetic resin, and it contains 16 permanent ferrous magnets strategically placed to stimulate the nerves and enhance the blood supply in your feet.


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