6 Ways to Stretch Your Shoulders Properly

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When you sit at your desk all day, sooner or later your neck will start hurting, your shoulders will hurt, and your muscles will feel tight. You might not notice this discomfort at first, but after a few hours, it will creep up on you.

Sitting at a computer all day with your head and neck in the same position leaves you tight and sore, especially in your shoulders.

Stress can compound the problem even more, which is why shoulder stretches are a solution for much of this pain.

6 Ways to Stretch Your Shoulders Properly

Do you sit hunched over your desk on a daily basis? Keep reading to discover some helpful shoulder stretches that open your chest and shoulders while improving posture.

Standing Wall Stretch

1. Standing Wall Stretch

This is a great shoulder stretch you can do at the office because it's simple and doesn't require getting on the floor.

To perform the standing wall stretch, place both hands on a wall so they form a 90-degree angle to your body. Carefully walk both feet back until your arms are straight, and then bow, hinging forward at the hips.

Holding this pose, keeping your shoulder blades set back and avoid bunching your shoulders around your neck.

Cow-Face Pose

2. Cow-Face Pose

To achieve this shoulder stretch, reach your right arm straight up, then gently bend your elbow and let your hand fall behind your head.

Move your left arm behind your back and bend the arm, letting the back of your left hand rest against your shoulder blade.

Now reach up to grab the fingertips of your right hand with the left. Repeat this stretch on both sides.


3. Chin Retractions

This stretch is perfect for people who tend to hold their neck in the same positions for hours at a time, and can be done without leaving your desk.

Simply move your chin forward, then slowly pull it back by slightly tucking it in toward your throat. Try to not tip your chin up or down.

4. Shoulder Rotation

Stand with your back to a wall. Rest your scapula in a neutral position and bring your elbows out to 90 degrees. Now, without moving the position of your elbows, turn your right arm upward so that the back of your right hand touches the wall.

At the same time, move your left arm downward so that your left palm touches the wall.

Be sure to keep your arms at 90 degrees, and switch back and forth every 30 to 60 seconds.

Angular Neck Stretch

5. Angular Neck Stretch

For this one, turn your head 45 degrees to the right and look toward your armpit.

Reach your right hand over the back of your head, keeping your elbow pointing in the direction of the armpit. Repeat a few times on each side.

This stretch is simple, yet very effective.


6. Arm Circle

Simple stand where you have plenty of room to move, and make big, slow circles with your arms. Keep your posture straight, and repeat this motion 10 times before changing sides.

Keeping Your Body Loose

It's easy for the hours pass without giving your body the attention it needs. Sitting in the same position all day long has an impact on us that we don't even notice until we are already sore and fatigued.

These shoulder stretches are quick and easy, and can be performed right in your office, and they can make you feel better as you do your work.

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