7 Benefits of Having a Massage Chair in the Workplace

Posted by Ho on 26-Oct-2017 11:30:00

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Rough day at the office? Know what you need?

A massage.

But who has time to hit up a spa in the middle of the work week? A massage chair in the workplace takes care of you without disrupting your schedule. 

You'll be able to chill out for a few minutes and return to work feeling refreshed.

Keep reading as we go over all of the benefits of having a massage chair.

7 Benefits of Having A Massage Chair in the Workplace

1. Home is Where the Heart Is

Work is typically your home away from home. You should be comfortable. A massage is a great way to keep that heart muscle working properly.

A massage chair will help to lower stress and blood pressure while increasing blood circulation.

2. The Best Kind of Break

One study found that spending a little time in a massage chair was enough to remarkably reduce anxiety in the workplace.

In fact, fifteen minutes in a massage chair was better than a fifteen-minute minute break where the staff was left to their own devices.

3. Pan Relief

Working while in pain is one of the most frustrating things that any office employee has to deal with.

If your employees are struggling with back pain, a massage chair can help.

4. Increase in Job Performance

With the increase in circulation, the brain is able to work at its maximum efficiency levels.

Just a few days a week in a massage chair is enough to keep your employees operating at the best of their ability.

5. Muscle Tension and Headaches

When you think of massage, muscle tension relief is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

What about headaches? An average headache is known as a tension headache. This is usually caused by poor posture at a workstation, eye strain, and fatigue.

Sound familiar? A massage chair in the workplace can help your employees win their battle against tension and headaches with the push of a button.

6. Employee Retention

Who would quit a job where the employees have access to a massage chair?

People who have stressful jobs use as much sick and vacation time as they're allowed. Not only that, but stress and misery contribute to a lack of productivity and chronic absenteeism.

Having a massage chair in the workplace:

  1. Improves morale
  2. Crushes absenteeism
  3. Promotes a healthier lifestyle amongst staff

7. Improve Sleep

How many times have you walked into the office and noticed that all of your employees are staggering around like zombies?

There are a host of reasons that insomnia could be running rampant through your office. However, massage is known not just for rejuvenation, but also for helping folks get better sleep.

Wrapping it Up

We know that we had you at "massage chair," but we're still happy you heard us out.

Help keep your staff feeling fresh, alert, and healthy. Work-life balance is just as much an employers job as it is an employee's. 

Ready to take the plunge? Check out our great selection of massage chairs today and take your office productivity to the next level.


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