7 Things You Must Consider When Buying A Massage Chair In Australia Part2

Posted by Martch Mutt on 30-Jan-2017 10:46:42


In our earlier post, we delved into some of the considerations you must take on when purchasing a massage chair in Australia.

Considering how important these are for rejuvenation and rest, it is better to make a purchase that you are completely comfortable and secure with. This serves as the sequel to our earlier post as we highlight 7 things you must consider when buying a massage chair in Australia: Part 1 as you decide on the perfect massage chair that suits your busy lifestyle.


1) The roller balls are important

It might seem a bit silly to focus on, but the roller balls are one of the most important parts of the chair. When testing it out, are you able to feel the roller ball?

Is it effectively massaging your body and increasing your blood circulation? Or is it just rubbing your back and not really providing relaxation?

Do not waste your money on a chair that is not using its components successfully. If it is simply rubbing your back but not accomplishing anything else, it is better not to purchase it.

Only with quality roller balls will you be able to feel complete relaxation.


2) Accuracy 

You need a massage chairs have the capability of auto scanning your height and shoulders before starting the massage program.

Having that level of customization makes the massage an even better experience since the chair is able to auto-detect information about you before you even start the massage. Otherwise, it will unsuccessfully massage wrong positions and provide no benefits.


3) Ease of use

A massage chair needs to be easy to use. You will be using it, your family and guests will all most likely indulge and it should be an easy process for everyone.

Key considerations within this are the accessibility of the remote control, and how long it takes to start the massage.

Are there a lot of buttons to press, or is it simple to use for those unfamiliar with the technology? Starting a massage fast is important and the chair should be able to cater to that.


4) What bonus features does the chair have?

Some massage chairs opt for simple functionality, while some choose to include additional features to provide an optimum experience.

For example, having heat capabilities within the chair are great for increasing blood circulation and will keep you warm during the winter months when you are sitting for the massage. Both young and old member of the family will enjoy the full body relaxation provided by the heat.


5) How intense is the chair?

Massage chairs range in intensity, as well as people's preferences for how intense they want their massage. Is the chair able to provide a variety in the levels of intensity?

Your family will likely have different preferences for massage intensity, and the chair should be able to deliver on that.

Furthermore, OSIM chairs such as uLove Massage Chair are able to save up to 3 user preferences. This helps in keeping track of what family member prefers, and not having to readjust settings constantly for a powerful massage.


6) Does it come with speakers?

Music is a relaxing element during massages, and it is a great feature to have in a chair. Having speakers within the chair provide an extra element of relaxation for family members and are a great aid for sleeping quicker.

Combined with the other elements of the chair, having music incorporated in the massage chair leads to a much better experience overall.


7) Is it able to provide a head-to-toe massage?

Massage chairs should be able to provide an experience that goes from head-to-toe, and gives the person sitting great lumbar support while doing so.

Is the chair able to massage areas such as the neck, shoulder, hands, legs, back and even your posterior? The chair should be able to give you a long-track massage and full body relief while being easy to use. 


Massage chairs are often a difficult purchase because there is so much information out there, but it is a worthwhile to have one.

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