7 Things You Must Know When Buying A Massage Chair In Australia: Part1

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Massage chairs are an investment for many, since they are able to provide rest, relaxation and most importantly, rejuvenation after a long day of work. Rather than fret about missed massage appointments, or worry about the accessibility of massages, it is much simpler to purchase a massage chair to aid with recurring stress.

That is why it is imperative that the massage chair you purchase must live up to its name, and provide you with the rest and relaxation you truly deserve. While there are many considerations when it comes to purchasing the perfect chair, we have highlighted 7 things you must consider when buying a massage chair in Australia:


1) It is ultimately cheaper

If you are constantly booking massage appointments on weekly or monthly basis, chances are you are spending more than you need to. Massages appointments easily add up, and may ultimately end up costing you more.

Considering purchasing a massage chair to alleviate costs. If the average hand massage in Australia ranges from $70 and above for one person within an hour, a massage chair will likely cost from $50 per week. While they may seem costly in the beginning, it all depends on the model you choose to purchase. You are easily able to finance the purchase for 52 weeks, and the chair is readily available for the family to use. If used by the whole family, the chair will easily pay for itself in convenience and ease. 


2) Purchase from a reputable, long-standing company

For finding and purchasing the right massage chair, history is key. Before you make a large purchase, research the company. How long has it been operating in Australia? The longer it has, the more resources it has available to help maintain and repair the chair in the future. 

For example, OSIM Australia has been operating in Australia for over a decade. The company originated in Singapore in 1980, but has since found its home globally. For customers, this means that OSIM Australia has the resources to guide customers in finding the perfect massage chair, and help maintain its quality over the years.


3) How trustworthy is the store?

A long history, coupled with the store's location and national presence are key indicators of a trustworthy brand. Many sellers choose to sell directly from warehouses, but often sell faulty products or they actively try to scam unwitting customers. Avoid these sellers as much as possible, and only purchase from reliable and trustworthy sellers. 

In Australia only legitimate massage chair companies are allowed to operate in shopping centers. Purchasing from a store with reliable seller ensures that you will have a smoother and safer shopping experience.

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4) Are you enjoying the massage experience?

Once you have found the right seller, the next question to think about when purchasing a massage chair is simple: Are you enjoying the experience? When trying out chairs, there are some key questions you must ask yourself before making a purchase.

Does the chair feel good, and is it comfortable? Is it providing an accurate massage to acupuncture points for blood circulation? Do you feel relaxed at the end of the massage? If all of these questions are answered with a yes, it means you have found the right chair for you.


5) How old is the chair?

Some customers choose to purchase older chairs for a myriad of reasons - maybe it is cheaper, or they might prefer to stick with what they know rather than try something new. However, evaluating the technology behind the chair is a paramount consideration.

Why spend money on an obsolete product when you can purchase something that is innovative? Do not spend money on products over a decade old, opt for the newest technology. Functionality increases with better technology, and you do not want a product that cannot support your busy lifestyle.


6) Does the chair's design match your personal style?

Ultimately, the chair will be in your home and most likely placed somewhere very visible. Thus, it is important that the chair's design be considered before purchasing, as it must fit in aesthetically with the rest of your home decor.

The chair must not only be beautifully designed, but it must also match your home. Avoid buying bulky and awkwardly shaped chairs, and opt for a sleeker design to impress guests and ensure that your family takes advantage of massages. 


7) Does it offer connectivity? 

Newer technology and innovations within massage chairs are a boon to customers. Is your chair of choice able to connect to massage programs and keep systems updated? It should have capability to update as needed, and provide you with the latest massage programs. Standard chairs have their benefits, but if it offers connectivity, why turn down the bonus feature? 

Moreover, connectivity enables customization. These programs are uniquely tailored and designed to suit different people with different tastes, rather than sticking to the standard.


These are just some of the considerations to examine when purchasing a massage chair. Having these in mind will make the buying process easier, and ensure that you purchase a superior product suited to help you relax from your busy life.



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