9 Reasons to Buy a Massage Chair for Your Home

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Tired of the aches and pains of everyday life? Looking for a new way to relax at the end of the week?

Did you know massage therapy is a low-risk way to improve your general health?

If you want to experience massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, here are nine reasons to buy a massage chair.

Physical Benefits of Owning a Massage Chair

1. Relax Your Muscles

Whether you're an athlete or just dealing with muscle pain and stiffness from your work or living environment, a massage chair will help loosen sore muscles. 

Massage therapy at home will also help to improve posture and misalignment of your spine and neck.

You will also benefit from increased flexibility, which will improve your ability to exercise and get in great shape.

2. Improve Circulation

One of the biggest benefits of massage therapy is circulatory system support. The chair will increase circulation by kinetic motions, which include kneading and rolling.

Increased circulation may help with decreasing injury recovery time, stimulating endorphins, and helping eliminate toxins from your system. Relaxation also helps to regulate blood pressure levels.

3. Relieve Headaches

Heat and stimulation help to increase serotonin and decrease cortisol. By regulating these chemicals in your body, massage chairs can help with headaches.

Massaging stress trigger points might also decrease the occurrence of migraines in people that are prone to them.

4. Boost Immunities

Your lymph system is a vital part of your immune system. A daily massage will increase lymph flow.

By increasing lymph flow you give your immune system a boost to better fight of sickness and infections. 


Mental Health Benefits

5. Decrease Stress and Tension

While working out the physical tension in your muscles, a massage chair will also act to regulate hormones and chemical processes to balance stress in your body.

That includes cortisol, which is the stress hormone acted upon by massage therapy.

6. Supplement Anxiety and Depression Treatments

While massage therapy alone won't treat anxiety, depression, or other mental health hurdles, it may help you manage the symptoms.

Incorporating relaxation into your daily routine may help you manage the symptoms associated with mental illnesses.


Add Flair To Your Home

7. Not Your Standard Armchair

Whether you're furnishing a new apartment or tossing out your old furniture, a massage chair can be a great addition to your living room or basement.

8. Affordability

If the price of a chair is a concern, research financing options. Keep this in mind to find the best fit for your budget. Many companies offer options to finance a chair with low or no interest.

9. Get The Newest Technology

The technology surrounding massage chairs is always evolving. A zero gravity model makes you feel weightless, gives an incredibly relaxing massage, and looks great in a modern home setting.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits of having one of these chairs in your home, you've got an arsenal of knowledge to start shopping for the perfect chair for you.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments!

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