A Guide to Finding the Best Foot and Leg Massager

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A good foot and leg massager can be a game changer for your health, well-being and happiness. 

Do you regularly wear uncomfortable or unsupportive dress shoes or high heels that leave your feet aching at the end of the day?

Do you experience foot pain or calf tightness? 

Are you worried that either too much time on your feet or too much time keeping your feet still could be having harmful effects on your health? 

Do you want to relax your muscles after a workout all while improving your balance?

Imagine the relief of a great foot and leg massage after a long day on your feet, a hard workout, or a sedentary day at your desk. 

Foot and leg massages not only feel great, but they have health and psychological benefits including anxiety relief, headache relief, foot and ankle injury prevention, lower blood pressure, and increased circulation. 

The problem is, not everyone has the time and/or money to get to a masseuse, chiropractor, or acupuncturist regularly enough to cure common foot and leg problems. 

Investing in a home and foot and leg massager is a fantastic solution because you and your family can use it whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home. Plus it costs about the same as just a few professional massages, saving you valuable dollars over time. 


What to Look for in a Foot and Leg Massager

When looking for a good foot and leg massager, pay attention to the following features and figures: 

  • Type
  • Price
  • Number and Type of Massage Settings
  • Additional Features like Heat or Air Massage
  • Automatic Timers
  • Ease of Use
  • Weight
  • Adjustability 

Knowledge is power. Figure out what you want most from a foot and leg massager by imagining the features of the following three options from OISM Australia.

3 of the Top Foot and Leg Massagers and a Review of Their Features 

Foot and Leg Massager is a fantastic way to de-stress and relax at the end of a long day. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair with a cup of tea or a glass of wine while reading, watching television, or just relaxing. Doesn't that sound lovely? 

These products are not limited to the end of the day, the best part about an at home foot and leg massager is that you can use it as much as you want, whenever you want. 

These top products are a great place to start your search for the perfect foot and leg massager. 


1. uPhoria Warm Leg Massager

Product Description: This 5-in-1 foot and leg massager has the following types of massage: Enhanced calf-gliding with kneading massage, wrap-around squeeze massage, roller reflexology massage, vibration massage, and warmth therapy. 

These multiple features will provide you with fantastic relief and relaxation. 

OISM states: "The new and enhanced OSIM uPhoria Warm combines its signature Tui-Na with specialized leg massage technology to bring warmth, energy and well-being back to your tired feet and legs." 

OISM also claims that the uPhoria Warm Leg Massager has the following specific benefits: it stimulates "key meridian points" on the calves, it relieves aches specifically from wearing heels, it reinvigorates and soothes your legs.

Plus, it can strengthen foot and lower leg muscles, improving balance, as well as enhancing circulation and relieving tension.

As if that weren't enough, it also is great for post-workout recovery

  • Type: 5-in-1 pressure and heat massager
  • Price: A$980
  • Number and Type of Massage Settings: Customizable and manual massage options. Plus, 8 Preset Lifestyle Massage options: 
    • High-Heels: "A favorite with ladies, this program targets the calves, ankles, balls and arches of the feet—points of stress created by prolonged periods in high heels, making it a perfect remedy for those heel-loving legs."
    • Toning: "Helps to strengthen your muscles, improves circulation and prevent the build-up of toxins, leaving them healthier, shapelier and more beautiful."
    • Energize: "Intense massage actions help to charge up your legs, leaving them reinvigorated and ready to go again."
    • Sleep: "Sensitively programmed, the gentle massage actions help to soothe and relax your legs in preparation for bed, allowing for a better night's sleep."
    • Reflexology: "Targeting the key meridian and vital reflex points on the legs and feet, for valuable health benefits of a traditional reflexology massage."
    • Relax: "A perfect combination of massage actions work on the whole leg to help relax tight muscles and relieve deep-seated aches after a long day."
    • Sports Recovery: "Helps to loosen tense muscles and actively promote circulation to enhance the recovery process for muscles used during sports."
    • Senior: "Specially designed for seniors and users in general who prefer gentle massage stimulation, this program provides soothing relief and comfort."
  • Additional Features: Heat therapy, vibration massage
  • Automatic Timers: 15 minutes
  • Ease of Use: very easy to use and select type of massage or program custom massage.
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Power Consumption: 250W
  • Adjustability: You can easily adjust the angle of this foot and leg massager by moving the lock lever. 
  • Foot Size: one size

The heavier weight, high power consumption, and higher price tag are potential downsides to this foot and leg massager for some consumers.

That being said, if you're prioritizing superior quality, the uPhoria Warm Leg Massager is a fantastic choice full of incredible features. 


2. uSqueez Air Leg Massager

Product Description: This unique air and reflexology massager uses soothing airbag technology to apply full coverage pressure around the legs and feet, plus intense roller massage under the feet. 

OISM states: "Many of today's professions and lifestyle activities are hard on a pair of legs. Inspired by the health benefits of an intense traditional foot reflexology massage and the soothing comfort of a relaxing full-leg massage, the OSIM uSqueez Air brings together strong and gentle massages that revitalize your legs and better the health of you and your family."

  • Type: Air and reflexology foot and leg massager
  • Price: A$ 788.00
  • Number and Type of Massage Settings: 5 specialized massage programs based on lifestyle, designed by a massage expert: 
    • Reflexology: "This program promotes positive energy flow and health-yielding benefits of a traditional foot reflexology massage while improving body circulation."
    • Energize: "A combination of deep and intensive massage actions helps relieve muscle aches and strain after exercise and physical activities, leaving your legs invigorated and charged up."
    • High-heels: "Simultaneous airbag and roller massage target stress points on your calves and ankles resulting from prolonged periods in heels, making it a perfect remedy for heel-loving legs."
    • Relax: "Soothe and relax tensed leg muscles with a clever combination of squeezing and roller reflexology massage. Perfect for revitalizing tired legs after a long day."
    • Sleep: "Sensitively programmed, the gentle massage actions help to alleviate stress and relax your legs in preparation for a restful night's sleep."
  • Additional Features: this massager features full coverage, modern design, a soft exterior, and a convenient handle for easy transportation around your home. 
  • Automatic Timers: 15 minutes
  • Ease of Use: zippered foot socks allow for easy application, and the 5 preset lifestyle-based features make your choice clear and simple. 
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • Power Consumption: 35 W
  • Adjustability: N/A

Because of the lightweight and low power consumption, this massager is the perfect fit for many consumers looking for relaxation and easy use. 


3. Health Soles

Product Description: If you want a solution for all day relief, think of trying pressure point shoe insoles like Health Soles. Simply place them in your shoes and walk your way to better health and less pain. 

OSIM states, "Our feet are like the command centre of the entire body, with reflex points that correspond to various organs of the body. The 16 strategically placed magnets on the OSIM Health Soles stimulates 16 vital reflex points on your feet, further enhancing the reflexology effects to relieve tension, encourage better circulation, and the positive flow of energy and put the body in balance, thus improving overall well-being."

  • Type: Magnetic Reflexology Insoles
  • Price: A$ 38.00
  • Number and Type of Massage Settings: Because this product is not electric, this category is not applicable. 
  • Additional Features: None
  • Automatic Timers: Because this product is not electric, this category is not applicable. 
  • Ease of Use: Health Soles are very easy to use and require no electricity or complicated set up. Simply set the insoles in your shoes and go. You can cut the edges of the insoles for a perfect fit. 
  • Weight: light. 
  • Power Consumption: Because this product is not electric, this category is not applicable.  
  • Adjustability: you can cut the insoles to customize the size for certain shoes. 
  • Foot Size: Health Soles come in two sizes:
    • Regular fits 3-6.5 (UK) 35-40 (Europe)/ 5.5-8 (USA) 
    • Large fits 7-10.5 (UK) 41-45 (Europe)/ 8.5-11 (USA)

These insoles are a great foot and leg massager option for those of us who are often on the go. Reflexology, or the use of pressure point massage for health benefits, is a centuries-old medical practice that is still used for pain relief and health benefits today. 

In Conclusion

These 3 options cover a variety of prices and features, but one thing is for sure: you deserve the cost-saving and health improving benefits of a fantastic foot and leg massager.

Check out Wellness Tips and find your ideal foot and leg massager in an OISM store.


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