Acupuncture for Back Pain? Here is why

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If you regularly suffer from chronic back pain or you are experiencing issues with acute bad pain, it can be very difficult to cope with these symptoms while maintaining an excellent quality of mobility and lifestyle. If you have already tried pharmaceutical techniques or massage, acupuncture could present a fantastic solution for managing the symptoms of back pain.relaxed-woman-receiving-acupuncture.jpg

With nearly 8/10 people reporting the symptoms of bad pain to a doctor, some type of relief is going to be needed by the vast majority of people.

In a review by Web M.D. of 22 different acupuncture studies, all of them were able to deliver conclusive evidence that short-term relief of chronic back pain could be achieved through acupuncture.

The way that acupuncture works as a solution for back pain involves some of these top mechanisms:

#1 The stimulation of points of electromagnetic nature across the body:

It's estimated that there are over 2000 points of focus across the body that can be targeted by acupuncture. Stimulating these various areas can change the electromagnetic signals that run across our body.

Affecting these electromagnetic signals will improve the flow of endorphins and create a natural painkiller affect within the body.


#2 Opioid peptide release:

Various amounts of chemicals throughout the brain can deliver an ongoing analgesic effect. Opioids can reduce pain with their release and through numerous studies it has been found that acupuncture can release these chemicals through stimulation of the CNS (Central Nervous system).


#3 Neural hormone and neurotransmitter changes:

Acupuncture can also affect the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus and this can create a secretion of neural hormones and neural translators which can change the sensation of pain as it occurs in various organs.

Using this affect acupuncture can positively reduce pain while improving immune function throughout the body for healing.

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If you would like to improve the symptoms of bad pain you experience, you should strongly consider checking into acupuncture as a solution today.


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