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3 Best Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

Posted by Chenky on 30-Mar-2017 10:35:00

Back pain can be debilitating, it hinders movement, makes you uncomfortable and is limiting in terms of the activities that an individual can engage in. While the real cause of the back pain needs to be established before embarking on relieving it, it is important to understand the best exercises that one can use to overcome the problem.

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How to Treat Your Lower Back Pain

Posted by Chenky on 23-Mar-2017 14:45:00

Do you have a problem of lower back pain?

Well, anyone can have the problem of lower back pain. It can be temporary or permanent. If it is of temporary nature, it must have been due to your wrong posture or increased stress level.

You have to treat it at the initial stage to avoid any kind of future healthy issues. Most of the people recommend that massage is the best technique that can be used to reduce this pain.  However, there are other strategies that can be used to reduce your back pain

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How to Increased Joint Mobility and Flexibility for Elderly People

Posted by Chenky on 16-Mar-2017 10:24:00

As people are getting older, they need to maintain their good posture and joint mobility. Simply because their muscle tissues become less elastic and thus their overall movement and flexibility is greatly changed.

For people under the age of 35 they can do exercises twice a week, which will keep their muscles in the right place but for people in their elderly years, they need to exercise and do some stretching daily so that their flexibility and joint mobility remains.

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3 Easy Stretches to Keep Back Pain Away

Posted by Chenky on 23-Feb-2017 07:16:00

Let's face it. Chronic back pain is debilitating. Everyone thinks they can handle it until it leaves them frozen in the prone position, gasping for breath and reluctant to move. All at once, you're useless to the world, fearfully wondering whether you're going to need surgery--the pain is that bad.

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Top 5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Depression: Student Tips  

Posted by Chenky on 26-Jan-2017 16:00:00

Telling someone “it’s okay, you will do better next time” or “be positive, you will pass the course” rarely works on the life of a student. Emotions do not simply vanish by saying these things.

College life can be stressful when you are trying to juggle work, friends, school, and family and figuring out the rest of your life that causes anxiety and depression.
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5 Simple Reflexology Massage will Boost Your Brain Memory

Posted by Chenky on 19-Jan-2017 16:30:00

Reflexology is based on the idea that your body can be divided in different zones to which applying pressure helps in getting rid of any symptoms.

Research tells us that reflexology has 4 major functions.

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5 Tips for Having A Good Posture At Work

Posted by Chenky on 07-Dec-2016 10:00:00

Having a good posture is an important part of having good confidence and a sturdy build.

People always notice your posture and if you are slouching and not functioning right or well, people will automatically realize that something is wrong.

Therefore, the posture you have plays a huge and important role in improving your overall self-esteem and your overall look in general.

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7 Things You Can do at Home to Treat Lower Back Pain

Posted by Chenky on 03-Dec-2016 17:00:00

Lower back pain is so common that almost everyone at some point in their lives experiences it. Lower back pain can be caused by variety of problems.

Young adults are more likely to experience back pain from back muscles strain, soft strain or lumber disc herniation while older adults over the age of 60 years are more likely to suffer from pain related to joint degeneration or from a compression fracture.

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6 Tips to Cure Numb Feet and Improve Blood Circulation

Posted by Chenky on 01-Dec-2016 17:00:00

Medically known as hypoesthesia, many factors cause numbness in the feet including poor circulation, pressure or injury to a nerve, constant stress on the feet, or a specific injury.

An unpleasant and bizarre sensation, hypoesthesia results in tingling or prickling and is often painful. 

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8 reason why dancers get sports massage to restore health & wellbeing

Posted by Chenky on 27-Nov-2016 10:00:00

Dancers are beauty in motion and movements appear so tender and relaxing. However, all activities are extremely physically demanding including the time spent on training and rehearsals.

The actual performance itself is both physically and mentally exhausting. What could these dancers do to restore their health and wellbeing from this physically and mentally eroding condition?

Their best option is to have a sports massage.

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