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Is Your Work Running You Ragged? (Neck Pain Treatment at Home for Stress)

Posted by Ho on 26-Apr-2018 15:00:00

Over 75% of Australians say that stress and anxiety takes a direct toll on their physical health.

The pain that many overworked and stressed out Australians feel, especially in their necks and shoulders, is anything but imagined.

Studies show that when stress causes you to clench your jaw, your neck actually ends up taking on most of the burden. Your blood flow gets constricted quickly, meaning that you'll feel seriously intense agony.

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4 Ways to Relax with Aromatherapy and Massage

Posted by Ho on 22-Apr-2018 12:00:00

Did you know that aromatherapy and massage treatments can help you relax?

In our every day lives, we are under emotional and physical stress. According to a study by Heads Up Australia, 52% of workers took a mental health day off at least once in the last month because their jobs were stressful.

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6 Ways to Stretch Your Shoulders Properly

Posted by Ho on 21-Apr-2018 11:00:00

When you sit at your desk all day, sooner or later your neck will start hurting, your shoulders will hurt, and your muscles will feel tight. You might not notice this discomfort at first, but after a few hours, it will creep up on you.

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What Causes Neck Pain? (Hint: It May Be Your Job)

Posted by Ho on 19-Apr-2018 16:00:00

Do you find yourself reaching for your neck a lot? Does every turn of your head lead to pain?

That constant jabbing or rickety feeling haunts you daily. And no amount of sleep or medicine is helping.

You might be suffering from neck pain.

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A Guide to Pillows for Neck Pain

Posted by Ho on 15-Apr-2018 11:00:00

At Any one time, one out of every ten adults is suffering from neck pain. While most of the time, this neck pain is nothing too serious, it can still make life unpleasant and sleep near-impossible.

Thankfully, the entrepreneurs of the world have responded, and created a wide array of pillows designed to help sooth neck pain.

The question is, with so many options, which are the best?

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5 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Your Sore NeckYour

Posted by Ho on 14-Apr-2018 11:00:00

Does your neck hurt?

If you spend most days hunched over a computer working or if you have a stressful job, you've probably built up a lot of tension in your neck.

A sore or stiff neck is not something to be taken lightly. And one of the most effective and most enjoyable ways to treat a sore neck is with massage therapy.

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3 Ways to Relieve Neck Pain

Posted by Ho on 12-Apr-2018 15:00:00

Did you know that 53 % of mobile phone users suffer from neck pain?

Whether it's due to constant use of gadgets or poor posture, you should not wait until it gets worse. If you are looking for effective ways to relieve neck pain, then we've got something for you.

For some people, pain in the neck is only a mild nuisance. Others, however, experience unbearable pain that radiates to the shoulders and arms.

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4 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Hurt

Posted by Ho on 08-Mar-2018 23:00:00

Ever fallen into a WebMD sinkhole trying to find the cause of your mysterious pain? We all have, and we usually conclude that it's fatal. Take a breath though, because with shoulder pain, the problem is rarely serious.

Still, it's helpful to know what you're dealing with. Shoulder pain is a common problem. According to Dr. Clifford Stark, the shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. This means it's at a higher risk of injury, so if your shoulders hurt, you're not alone.

To give you a clue about your specific pain, our pros have listed the most common shoulder problems.

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3 Signs Your Stiff Neck is a Serious Issue

Posted by Ho on 01-Mar-2018 21:00:00

Are you experiencing stiffness in your neck?

At any given time, approximately 10 percent of the adult population has neck pain. Neck stiffness can be relatively benign and a short-term condition. But other times, it's a sign of something much more serious.

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4 Hamstring Stretches to Ease Lower Back Pain

Posted by Ho on 22-Feb-2018 17:00:00

Are you experiencing back pain? If so, you are absolutely not alone! Some 3.7 million Australians suffer from back problems.

As you are likely well aware, an aching back can really put a damper on your quality of life.

Treating pain with medication, whether prescription painkillers or over-the-counter analgesics, doesn't treat the issue. It only relieves the symptoms -- if it works at all, that is. A better way to ease your back pain is by doing simple hamstring stretches to keep your back muscles loose and relaxed.

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