DIY Reflexology: Pressure Points for Your Feet

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If you are looking for a natural and a convenient way to relax, you might want to try foot reflexology.

Also known as foot acupressure, foot reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that uses fingers to press key pressure points in our feet.

The theory behind reflexology is that there are reflex points on the head, hands, and feet linked to every part of the body. 

When these pressure points are triggered, they stimulate the nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in some areas of the body. This, in turn, is what brings the feeling of peace, euphoria, and tranquility.

There are thousands of nerves in these pressure points. The foot alone, for example, has over 15,000 nerves. That's why foot reflexology can be so relaxing and soothing. 

The good new is you don't have to go to a reflexology therapist to get it done. We will show you the key pressure points and how to do foot acupressure.

The Key Foot Pressure Points

Identifying foot pressure points is a complex subject and is recommended that you use a foot reflexology chart.

Some charts break it down further to show specific reflex points and the parts of the body they trigger once stimulated. For example, pressing the area above the base of the toes corresponds to the upper side of the body, including the head.

To manipulate a pressure point, use your fingers or something soft to press that particular area for at least 30 seconds. You can also place the finger over a point and turn it in counter clockwise direction for at least 30 seconds.

Here are the acupressure points on your foot that need to be stimulated:

Bottom of the big toe

Metabolism involves a number of organs all of which can be manipulated by pressing the bottom of your big toe. Pressing this area also triggers the thyroid gland that regulates metabolism.

Center of the big toe

The pituitary gland, also known as the master gland controls hormonal secretions of other glands. If you are having problems sleeping, the problem could be as a result of issues with the pituitary gland.

Pressing the center of your big toe for at least 30 seconds can help stimulate the functions of the pituitary gland.

Upper half of all toes

Massaging the upper half of the big toe, and all the other toes as well can help to relieve headaches.

This is because most headaches stem from tension in the neck, and pressing the area above the base of the toes stimulate the upper side of the body, including the head.

Under the ball of your foot

Pressing the area under the ball of foot stimulates your Solar Plexus - the energy center responsible for self-esteem, personal power, and confidence. Pressing this reflex point can also help to relieve stress.

Bottom half of each of your feet 

Massaging the bottom half of each of your feet can be a natural remedy for back pain. Applying pressure to the area around your ankle and the sole of your feet can also help to treat lower back pains. 

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The good thing about foot acupressure is that there is no defined right or wrong way of doing it. You just do what feels healthy and natural to you. Its therapeutic properties are just amazing.

Several studies funded by the National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute indicate that reflexology may relieve pain and psychology problems such as depression. 

So if you are looking for natural means for inducing sleep, relaxation, and motivation, foot reflexology is the way to go. 

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