Everyday Things to Prevent Hand Pain

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Is hand pain keeping you back from performing everyday tasks, from opening jars to tying your shoes?

From carpal tunnel syndrome to osteoarthritis, the reasons behind your pain can vary.

Yet, there are a few simple exercises you can do daily to help prevent it and to ensure your hands remain functional and flexible.

Curious to learn more? Let's dig in!


1. Stretch It Out

Often, hand pain is caused by repetitive action, during which our fingers and wrists are actively engaged, but with a very small range of motion. Consider the flexed, unnatural position your hands are in when you text, drive, or type on your computer.

Over time, this can cause your joints to become stiff, leading to repetitive motion injuries.

To help prevent this from occurring, remember to take frequent breaks to stretch your hands.

From finger lifts to thumb flexes, there are many exercises you can do to improve hand flexibility and strength and loosen up any tightness you may have built up. 

Another way to stretch your hand muscles and reduce your stiffness is to invest in a handheld electronic massager that can directly target your point of tension. Even just a few seconds of isolated massage therapy on your hand's pain points can be enough to relieve any built-up stress.


2. Stay Healthy and Hydrated

Preventing hand pain starts from within.

To lubricate your joints, make sure you're drinking plenty of water per day. This helps prevent the dehydration and electrolyte loss that can lead to muscle cramps. 

A well-balanced diet can help as well. Packing in your required amounts of nutrients, especially potassium and Vitamin D, can help stave off cramps.


3. Check Your Form

Feeling extra pain when you swing your golf club? What about when you practice yoga? There's a chance your form may be off.

Even the slightest degree of variation from correct form can cause significant strain and injury to your hands. Take the time to learn the proper techniques for all your exercises and hobbies to protect yourself and prevent future tension.


4. Prepare Your Workspace

Take a look around your office or your home.

Does your furniture support good posture? Are your arms forced upward into an awkward position while you rest them to type, or are they sitting comfortably parallel to the floor?

If you're less than comfortable, consider making the move toward a more ergonomic space. In a nutshell, this means using equipment that allows you to perform your daily functions with as little stress as possible to your body.

Doing so helps you reduce your risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder, such as trigger finger.

Don't forget to also consider the supplies your hands use on a daily basis, such as pens. Making the simple switch to a more comfortable, padded pen can make a world of difference in reducing your pain.

5. Shake It Off

It sounds simple, but shaking your hands when they start to feel strained or tight can be all that's needed to prevent pain from starting. 

Shaking your hands helps get your blood flowing, reducing the likelihood of a finger or thumb cramp. 

As you go about your day, remember to move your hands around often, not allowing them to stay in the same position for very long.

So whether you're playing racquetball, knitting a sweater, or sitting at your computer, try to switch up your position every so often to keep your circulation going and prevent hand pain from the beginning.

6. Talk To a Doctor

If you've tried a few tension-relieving steps to prevent your pain, but you're still experiencing it, you may have an underlying condition that's keeping your hands in knots. 

Your doctor can perform an examination to see if there are any medical diagnoses, such as arthritis, that need to be addressed.

Your doctor will also be able to tell if your pain springs from injury or trauma to your hand, the effects of which can still be felt years later. 

Preventing Hand Pain: Today, Tomorrow, and Always

Your hands are used for a range of everyday activities, and as such, keeping them in top performance condition is of utmost importance. 

The key to keeping your hand muscles pain-free is to target your primary source of tension and stress and make steps to address and rectify it. 

We're here to help you every step of the way on your path to well-being. Feel free to contact us, browse our blog of wellness tips, or leave a comment below if you're ready to get started. Your journey to a pain-free tomorrow could start today!



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