How A Massage Therapy Chair Can Improve Heart Health

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Did you know that a massage therapy chair can do more than just make you feel great?

The medical world is starting to catch onto the tremendous benefits regular massage therapy can achieve. 

If you or a loved one are worried about your heart health then you've come to the right place. Read on to discover how a massage therapy chair can improve heart health.


1. Improves circulation.

Artery health is dependent on circulation. When vessels constrict they narrow reducing the amount of blood that can get through them. 

If this happens regularly then the risks of heart disease can increase. 

Massage therapy helps promote full body circulation which leads to more efficient blood flow and a healthier heart. 


2. Reduces stress. 

When we are stressed it puts extra strain on our heart. 

Stress is a common cause of cardiac arrhythmia which disrupts the regular pumping action of the heart. This can result in a lack of blood to the organs and even the brain. 

When we sit in a massage therapy chair it helps us relax emotionally and physically, a vital part of reducing stress and promoting a healthy heart.

Cortisol (often nicknamed the stress hormone) can reap negative effects on our heart. When our stress rates are lower our body doesn't produce as much cortisol - another important reason to reduce stress for a healthy heart. 


3. Reduce blood pressure. 

Massages have been proven to lower blood pressure which is great news for the health of your heart.

The best thing about using a massage therapy chair to lower blood pressure is that the benefits are not caused by medication but rather by natural responses from your body.

If you are already currently on blood pressure medication, massage therapy can be introduced to help improve your blood pressure even more. 


4. You can implement a massage therapy chair into your daily routine. 

Many of us spend some time every single day reading, watching television, listening to the radio or surfing the internet. Much of this activity is done sitting down.

Something that clients love about a massage therapy chair is that it can be easily incorporated into activities they already are doing every day. 

This makes the method extreme non-evasive or disruptive to an individual's day to day life which encourages frequent use, leading to greater results.

Besides, what better way to enjoy your downtime after a long day than sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a massage? 


Sourcing your new chair. 

Regular massage therapy can be time consuming and expensive - not to mention the hassle of booking appointments and attending them can push people away. 

By purchasing a massage therapy chair you will create 24/7 access to massage therapy in your own home, on demand, plus the initial cost of the chair will quickly provide a return on investment as oppose to paying for individual sessions. 

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