How Does An Eye Massager Work?

Posted by Ho on 04-Aug-2017 15:01:00

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When you think of a massage, your eyes aren't the first thing that spring to mind, right? However, an eye massager may be just the investment you need.

People tend to carry stress in their shoulders, lower back, and hips. However, it's absolutely possible for stress to travel to your head. You'll feel that in headaches and pressure behind your eyes.

As a part of your body, your eyes deserve the amount of care you give the rest of your body. We've got the lowdown on eye massagers, and why they're the self-care device you need to invest in.


How does it work?

An eye massager is one of the newest - and possibly the most unexpected - beauty trends out there. It's an electronic device that does exactly what it says on the box: it massages your eyes.

The massager usually looks like your regular eye mask - with a key difference. The mask will have a remote attached to it. 

Using this, you can let the massager do its job around your eye sockets, temples, and pressure points surrounding the eyes. 

It also has the benefit of blocking out light so that your eyes can take a break. This can be very relaxing. Additionally, eye massagers can increase oxygen to the eyes and help regulate blood flow.

The great thing about eye massagers is their convenience. The devices aren't very big at all, and they usually come with timers. This means you can lie back, set the timer, and let the massage take over.

If you get a really fancy one, you can count on temperature control and speakers for the ultimate relaxing experience.


What are the benefits of using an eye massager?

Eye massagers can help reduce headaches in those who are prone to them. The relief comes from acupressure techniques, which the massager focuses on by touching on pressure points.

Massagers are also very adept at kneading and rolling motions, which again help stimulate blood flow. This has the added benefit of reducing fatigue in your eyes, which can bring some much-needed life back to your face.

At its most simple, eye massagers reduce stress around your eyes and head. Those who use them report experiencing fewer headaches, and severe ones across the board.

If you have any soreness, the compression will knead away any pain and tension. Cosmetically, you can expect to see a decrease in puffy eyes and dark circles. Eye massagers can also relieve sinus pressure and eye irritation.

You'll likely see the most benefits from eye massagers if you read frequently, or you experience chronic headaches. Also, if you spend most of your day in front of a screen (by working in an office or elsewhere), an eye massager may not be a bad investment!


Eye massagers may seem like a strange device, but their benefits are numerous. Just by using something similar to a sleeping mask, you can revitalize your entire face!

If you're ready to say goodbye to painful headaches and tension while saying hello to tighter skin and bright eyes, an eye massager is definitely the right choice for you.

If you have any questions regarding the functionality of your massager, let us know!


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