How to Avoid Back or Shoulder Pain At Work

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Working a long day at the office can leave you coming home tired.

But if you add back or shoulder pain to that equation it can make your work day even more exhausting.

If you're experiencing back pain at work, you may find it difficult to perform work duties. 

We can show you how to prevent back or shoulder pain at work with these simple steps.

Prevent Back or Shoulder Pain

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1. Sit and stand correctly

Sitting or standing at work all day can cause back or shoulder pain. Some ways you can relieve back pain while you're sitting or standing:

  • Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Looking up at your desk can cause strain on your back and neck. 

  • While sitting, make sure you're keeping good posture. Sit up straight and make sure not to slouch. Make sure your back is touching the back of your chair so your pelvis is aligned properly. 

  • Place your feet flat on the floor while you're sitting in your chair.

  • Standing on a hard surface while working can create back pain. Make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes or standing on a soft mat to reduce back pain.


2. Move around

If you are able to, make sure you switch positions as you work. 

During breaks or lunches, take a lap around the office to stretch your body out a bit. This will prevent you from staying stagnant in one position too long.

Work on doing some simple stretches as you work as well. This will keep you awake and energetic while also stretching out your muscles. 


3. Exercise regularly

There are plenty of things you can do while you are at work to prevent back or shoulder pain.

But there are also precautions you can take to prevent back pain from occurring outside of work.

Exercising regularly can help reduce or prevent back pain. 

Maintaining a healthy exercise routine is known to strengthen muscles and prevent back pain from occurring. 


4. Eliminate stress

Stress in the workplace is expected. 

However, the stress you're experiencing can also affect your back and cause back pain.

Whether in or out of the workplace, make sure that you're reducing stress as much as possible.

Some ways to reduce stress:

  • Try to reduce your workload. Changing your schedule so you're not bombarded with too many projects at once can reduce stress.

  • Practice breathing exercises or meditation. These tactics can calm your mind and body so you're not tense during the workday.

  • Find a new hobby, or spend time doing things you already enjoy. Finding things to take your mind off the tough stuff can allow you to relax.


Experiencing back pain at work can wreak havoc on your workday. 

Thankfully there are ways that back or shoulder pain can be reduced or prevented altogether. 

Practicing proper posture while you're sitting or standing at work can reduce your back pain.

You can prevent back pain by working out regularly and reducing stress both in and out of your work environment. 

If you still need additional support for back pain, you may look into purchasing a massage chair


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