How to Increased Joint Mobility and Flexibility for Elderly People

Posted by Chenky on 16-Mar-2017 10:24:00


As people are getting older, they need to maintain their good posture and joint mobility. Simply because their muscle tissues become less elastic and thus their overall movement and flexibility is greatly changed.

For people under the age of 35 they can do exercises twice a week, which will keep their muscles in the right place but for people in their elderly years, they need to exercise and do some stretching daily so that their flexibility and joint mobility remains.

Here's what you need to do:


Step #1. Opt for Stretching

Static stretching is a method which is used for creating lasting lengthening of a muscle and the tissues around it; this will help and increases the available range of motion. There are two types of stretching that can be opted for better joint mobility

  1. Static Stretching:
    1. Static stretching is easy, you can do it sitting or staying at one position. Hamstring stretch, butterfly groin stretch and shoulder stretch are among the most common and most easy type of static stretches which are great for your legs, knees and elbows.
  2. Dynamic Stretching:
    1. Dynamic or oscillatory motions must also be given attention. This will help in increasing the motion of the joint and this can be easily added after you are done with static stretching.

This is preferred as it can help you joints to be able to bear more bouncy twist and turns in the old age. Inchworms, leg swings and walking lunges are the easy among others and can be done without a professional required. 


Step #2. Massage Therapy

Do not forget to go for a massage.  by the sound of it but it is a great treatment. Apart from being beneficial for getting rid of anxiety and headaches, massage is great for the muscles and tissues, it relaxes them and ensures that the joint mobility is increased.


Step #3. Yoga

Yoga is another way to build balance and more flexibility in your body. Yoga classes can be joined or there are many step-to-step yoga DVDs available which the elderly people can get if they don’t wish to go out of the house.


Step #4. Give Pilates a Try

Pilates are basically series of movements and sometimes also need exercise balls, weights, and resistance bands to help along. These are great to give further balance and enhanced joint mobility. There are classes at community center or nearby gyms to facilitate even the seniors.


Step #5. Water Exercises

It may sound very unusual, but even if all the stretch exercises don’t work out for, it is great to go to a nearby pool and do some movements in the water as water allows less body weight so it will get easier to perform the movements and additionally it will build up more strength.


Step #6. Elder Strength Training and Exercises

This may sound tough but adults and seniors who opt for such training and exercise sessions where they’re doing moderate exercises which are designed in accordance to their age and problems can benefit them a lot, as weakness comes with age such sessions will help to build up bone and lead to increased muscle mobility.


With age comes a lot many joint and muscles problems, but these all can be fought with will and some easy methods. Take out time to stretch or join some yoga classes that the community center offers, this is not only good for socializing but will uplift your overall energies.



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