Self Care: A Guide to Lower Right Back Pain

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Back pain can creep into your life in many ways.

If you're experiencing a growing sense of back discomfort, it could be due to your posture and how often you stay sitting or standing. It could also be a result of high stress or an event like a bad fall or car accident.

Some symptoms even collect on one side of the body versus the other.

But, there are things you can do to decrease the extent of the pain.

Here are three simple ways to practice self-care for your right back pain.


1. Do an Internal Check

First things first, try be more aware of your body to identify where your pain is coming from.

This doesn't always have to involve a doctor's input.

Instead, take notice of the position you sleep in and how you sit at your desk. The way you balance body weight when you stand or the form you have while exercising matters, too.

Also, if you're already aware of a certain body condition, it might be time to take it seriously. Some organs and illnesses have a direct relation to your level of right back pain. These include:

  • kidney stones
  • liver problems
  • appendicitis
  • ovary cysts, pregnancy, or other reproductive issues

Commit to handling such situations better and see if the condition in your back improves.

This can help you keep the kind of doctors you need to a minimum instead of needing one for your organs and another for your spine and back muscles.


2. Practice Yoga

Speaking of becoming more aware of your body, consider starting to practice yoga.

Yoga is an ancient method of meditation for the mind and body.

It has grown a huge following in recent years, making it as easy to start as buying a mat and following a program at home.

Whether you're a total fitness freak or not a big fan of exercise, it's worth a shot. Recent studies have shown yoga is just as effective as physical therapy for back pain.

Plus, it's much cheaper!

This is a treatment method that is easy to access and something you can truly customize. Once you get the hang of yoga, you'll become more knowledgeable of which postures work best for your right back pain.


3. Treat Yourself

Sometimes, treating your back means treating yourself with a much-needed purchase.

Consider getting a massage chair or lower body massager to relieve back pain whenever you need it.

This is your easy at-home alternative to going to a spa.

It allows you to make massages part of your daily routine, which is much more convenient than having to go to a spa all the time. Not to mention the money you'll save and the comfort of relaxing in your own home!

Care for Right Back Pain with an Body Massager

There are many different kinds of massage chairs on the market.

But, nothing compares to the comfort and quality of an OSIM Massage Chair. These are made with proper back relief and total relaxation in mind.

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