Stretch at your desk: Exercises for back pain at work

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Sitting at a desk all day can really take a toll on your back. Especially if you have bad posture or your office chair provides inadequate support. 

Taking regular breaks, adjusting your desk layout and using a supportive chair all help.

But if you start to feel the strain, stretching exercises are an easy way to relieve tension in your back. Regularly fitting in a quick stretch at work also strengthens muscles and can help to prevent pain in future. 

Here are some simple exercises for back pain you can do right at your desk. 

1. Cross Body Twist 

This exercise will help to ease middle back pain while also stretching out your waist and lower back.   

Sit upright and cross your left leg over your right leg. Press your right elbow on the outside of your left leg, a few inches below your knee. Look behind your left shoulder and twist your body to the left, holding for five seconds. 

Repeat this move three times the switch to your other side and do the same. 

2. Forward Release

Placing your feet flat on the floor, sit with your legs wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold your back straight, exhale and bend forwards.

Allow your arms to hang loose between your legs and keep this position for three seconds. You should feel the release in your upper back and shoulders. Breathe in as you return to a seated position then repeat this move five times. 

3. Lateral Stretch 

Sit upright and place your feet on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Stretch your left arm up above your head, palm facing forward. Reach your arm over towards the right and let your head tilt towards your right shoulder. Hold for five seconds. 

You should feel this move stretching the left side of your torso and beneath your shoulder blades. Repeat three times then stretch out your right side. 

4. Shoulder Squeeze

This is one of the simplest office exercises for back pain, but it really helps to release tension down your spine. 

Sit upright and pull your shoulder blades together, tilting your chin up slightly. Hold for three seconds, relax and then repeat four more times. 

5. Standing Rotation

You can perform this move sitting down, but it's more effective if you stand up. 

Stand with your back straight and feet shoulder-width apart, letting your arms hang loosely by your sides. Then, using the whole of your torso, slowly rotate your upper body in a clockwise direction.

Repeat three times then change direction to perform three more rotations. 

Take Care When Performing Exercises for Back Pain 

You may find that performing some of these exercises hurts at first. But with repetition, the initial pain will subside. 

After a few seconds, you should feel a warm sensation and a release in pressure. This is a sign that much-needed fluid is getting to the discs that support your vertebrae

Always hold the stretches for the specified amount of time and don't attempt to overreach, especially when you first start out. 

Carrying out a regular routine of stretching exercises for back pain will help to reduce tension and prevent future strain. Repeat these stretches several times a day and you'll really start to feel the benefits. 

And, for extra relief and support, you might consider buying a back massager to help you relax after a long day at the office.  

Do you suffer from back pain as a result of long office hours? Or do you have any further tips to reduce the problem? Let us know by commenting below. 


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