The 5 Best Yoga Poses for Alleviating Neck Pain

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Admit it: you're hunching over a screen right now.

We spend more time than ever using computers and smartphones. But with that dependence comes neck pain, as we spend hours in slouched positions.

Yoga could resolve your pain or prevent future onset. Even better, it's easy to slot into your day.

Take a look below at five poses you can do right now that ensure the health of your neck and spine.


Cat and Cow Poses

This is a basic and easy to execute set of poses.

But it's a great way to bring flexibility back to the spine and neck.

It's so simple that you can even do it in isolation to stretch out stiff muscles.

These two poses start on all fours.

Align your hands with your shoulders and put your back into a neutral position.

Your knees should line up with your hips.

For cow pose, take a breath as you lift your chest and head.

Your belly should naturally move toward the floor, creating a dip in your spine.

For cat pose, do the inverse. Exhale and tuck your chin, arching your spine.

This stretches out the tension in your spine and neck.


Child's Pose

Child's pose is another easy position built around releasing tension. 

To go into child's pose, assume the same neutral table position as in cow and cat.

Then, let your hips move back toward your heels as you exhale, lowering your body.

Your arms should naturally be in front of you. Now bring your head down toward the floor while you stretch your arms out.

This pose stretches out tension in the neck and spine, and helps reset the body to a more natural resting state.


Corpse Pose

Yes, yoga can be as simple as lying on the floor.

This pose focuses on peace and neutrality.

That's why it's often done at the end of a yoga session. But you can do it anytime you feel like your body and mind need to relax.

To enter corpse pose, lie flat on your back on the floor.

Keep your legs in a neutral position. Your arms should be at your sides with palms toward the sky. Let your whole body relax.

Take deep breaths while remaining in this position.

You can hold the position for as long as you like, but it should be at least five minutes.


Bridge Pose

Don't be fooled by how it looks, bridge pose can do wonders for your neck pain.

Bridge focuses on stretching out and energizing the spine.

The neck and spine are closely linked, so a stronger, more limber spine will reduce neck issues.

To get into bridge, lie flat on the floor.

Bend your legs to plant your heels beneath your knees.

Then push up with your hips. Keep your head and neck straight - resist the urge to tuck them in.

Be Serious About Neck Pain

Neck pain could be the symptom of a poor lifestyle.

If these poses help to relieve it, why not incorporate more yoga into your day?

You could be amazed at the results.

If your neck pain doesn't improve, visit a physician for more advice.

Be sure to follow our blog for more healthy living hints and tips.


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