The Hidden Benefits of at Home Massage

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If you're looking to treat your stress, you've probably thought about making a massage appointment. But this course of action isn't for everyone. 

Maybe you want to save time or money. Maybe you just don't want to be touched by a stranger. Either way, here's our look at the benefits of an at home massage compared to an appointment.

Downsides of A Massage Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is nice, but it's not for everybody.

Comedy and youth blogs often joke about massages being uncomfortable or bizarre, but there's a reason for this. Some people just can't handle being touched by strangers.

If that sounds like you, a massage appointment probably won't get rid of your stress.

Another problem with an appointment is that it costs money and takes time. If you're stressed because of your busy schedule, taking an hour out of your day probably won't make you feel better.

Relief can be temporary, but after you get back to work and see responsibilities piling up you'll wish you opted for an at home massage.


Do You Need An At Home Massage?

Just because you don't want to waste time or be touched by a stranger, that doesn't mean you aren't entitled to the joy of a massage.

An at home massage can get rid of the problems associated with a massage appointment. 

For one, if you get your massage performed at home, you can skip interacting with a massage therapist. While a lot of people may prefer working with a masseuse, it can be an uncomfortable experience. 

And if the goal of a massage is relaxation, this discomfort can make it seem impossible for people with social anxiety or an aversion to being touched to enjoy the relaxation of a massage.

Another reason to get a massage from the comfort of your own home is time.

A massage can last anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours when you're out, and with the instructions of the therapist being followed, it's unlikely that you can get any work done during the massage.

This may sound great to people who like to read about massages, but for the stressed and busy people that need them 30 minutes is an important chunk of the day.

Finally, there are the benefits of money.

A massage in Australia can cost up to $100 for an hour.

Getting a chair might be a larger initial investment, but once you have it it's yours. 



A lot of people may not think a massage appointment is right for them. But that doesn't mean they can't get a massage.

A massage has an absurdly high number of benefits. And an at home massage may be the best way to do it.

If you think getting your massage done at home is right for you, we have the products you need to do it the right way.

Whether you want a massage chair or a lower body massager, we want to help you relax. So see what we have to offer and take the edge off!

You can either order online or find us in stores.


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