The Power of Massage for Your Immune System

Posted by Ho on 10-Aug-2017 13:00:00

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This time of year, your immune system is under constant attack.

With the constant rain and fluctuating weather, the chances of getting sick are high. And your immune system is the first line of defense against these pesky bugs.

This of the time of year for getting sick, but it's also time for getting work done. You don't always have the time to stay home nursing a cold.

But there are ways to boost your immune system, and one of those ways is through the power of massage.

Massages have many benefits, both physical and mental. But did you know about the effects they can have on your immune system?

Read on to find out the power of massage on your immune system. 


Increases lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes are blood cells that exist in your immune system and help defend your body from disease.

Studies have shown that massages can increase the count of lymphocytes in your system.

This shows a very tangible effect that the power of massage can have on your body. There is scientific evidence to back up the idea that a massage can help you fight off illness.

Massages can be used to battle more than just colds and flu, too. Studies have also shown that a massage can help improve the T-Cell count in HIV-positive patients.

The increasing of lymphocytes can greatly improve the quality of life for anyone with a weakened immune system.

Massages can be a great way to treat this!


Can help with seasonal illness.

Researchers have been working on figuring out exactly what the benefits of massages are, and what they have found is very promising.

"Massage therapy can improve how the immune system functions,” said Jeff Smoot, 2015 President of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). “Those same benefits can translate to people seeking to fight off the common cold, flu and other seasonal illnesses.”

This proves that even if you don't have an immune system problem, you can benefit from a massage.

Some of us just need a little extra help getting through seasons like this. For people like us, the power of massage can be a great tool to use.

Colds and flus can stop us dead in our tracks. But a massage can help us get back on our feet quicker, so we can go back to living productive lives.

If you want to feel better, a massage might be just the right thing for you.


Harness the power of massage!

If you're sick, you probably want to spend as little time outside as possible.

Because of that, you might not want to go to a spa or a professional. And house calls can be very expensive. Luckily, there's still a way.

There are plenty of massage products on the market that you can use to boost your immune system or fight off seasonal illnesses.

You only spend once, unlike hiring someone. And you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

If you're looking for relief, check out our line of massage chairs or hand held massagers! With our help, you'll be back on your feet in no time!


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