The Proven Benefits of Getting a Cupping Treatment

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Eastern medicine has met West.

One of those has been cupping treatment.

Cupping treatment has been present in China since 1000 BC though many speculate it has been a practice much older. This method of alternative medicine stimulates the muscles and skin through suction.

Think of cupping as a deep tissue massage but in reverse.

The Basics of Cupping Treatment

The use of glass, bamboo and other materials allow practitioners to use dry & wet types of cupping. The outcome is a reduction of pain, inflammation, and induce relaxation.

The practice uses a handful of cups, after a flame has been applied, to create a vacuum. These cups are applied to the skin which pulls and creates pressure on the skin tissue and muscles.

It creates a tight sensation after prolonged placement over the body; resulting in a red, bluish skin discoloration for a few days to weeks.

Don't worry. These marks will soon disappear from your body. The result? Well... read on and find out.

Five Benefits of Cupping Treatment

Sounds wild, in some ways, right? Not at all! Look at the many benefits it has to offer before you make a quick judgment...


1. Relaxation

You can request it as a solo activity or as part of a complete experience. Either way, it's going to help relax the muscles and your mind.

Laying down and experiencing a therapy session is already relaxing. Adding cupping to the mix adds to the whole. It's an added way to create silence and let go when you're visiting a massage therapist.


2. Circulation

Blood flowing to a particular area helps "feeds" the muscles. Muscles damaged from exercise and other strenuous activities need extra blood flow to increase their repair rate.

Cupping is a quick-and-easy way to pull that circulation to the area. It works as a whole. This also leads to cardio health by forcing the heart to work harder to reach these neglected areas of the body.


3. Eliminating Anxiety

Deep relaxation will help with overcoming the troubles with anxiety and depression. You learn to let go. 

Fixed and moving cupping can help you create a center. Within this center, you can focus on removing negative thoughts. You're able to relax, whisk away anything creating troubles, and focus on the moment. 

The added health benefits like circulation, improve blood pressure, and relieving muscle tension will create an ease of your mind. These are typical triggers for anxiety.

4. Digestion

11% of the population suffer from some form of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). 

Cupping has been found effective in reducing pains, and other issues with bowels. It is done around the navel, bladder, kidneys, and stomach area.

This cupping action creates a negative pressure in the area to reduce stress on the internal organs. It takes just minutes to begin feeling results.


5. Pain Management

Cupping helps with circulation (as noted above). This increase in circulation works wonders for when you have

It relieves the muscles and improves circulation to the area so the body can speed up the process of healing.

Have YOU tried cupping? What did you think of it? Share your experience with a comment below!


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