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Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of all Australians will struggle with back pain at least once during their lifetime. 10% of Australians will experience back pain that is so severe, it results in a serious temporary or long-term disability. 

While professional massage services may offer a tempting "quick fix" solution to back pain, they do little to make you feel better in the long term. Plus, the high costs for just a half hour of work are often hard to stomach.

And that's if you can even get an appointment at all. 

Are you tired missing out on activities with friends and family due to back pain?

Do you wish you could sleep through the night again? 

Do you notice your moods are getting worse and worse, and do you suspect your back problems are to blame? 

Do you wish you could book a massage, but can't afford to take the time off work or the necessary childcare so you can travel to and from your appointment. 

We understand: you're at the end of your rope. 

We've been there ourselves. 

That's why we got involved in the massage chair Australia industry. 

In this post, we're not only briefly outlining everything massage chair Australia products can do for both your mental and physical health. 

We're also giving you the lowdown on the top 3 types of massage chair Australia options, and where you can find them. 

There's no need to suffer for one more day. Read on to find out how these massage chairs can help you to take control of your life again. 


How Can a Massage Chair Australia Brand Help Me?

There are lots of benefits a massage chair Australia product offers, and it can help you no matter the cause of your back pain. 

These massage chairs can also target different areas on your back and body, so they're sure to hit your pain points and get rid of new ones before they have a chance to fully form.

You may be suffering from scrunched shoulders as a result of anxiety and of sitting and typing at your work desk all day. Massage chairs can help to reactivate those unused muscles, so stiffness is eliminated. They'll also help to retrain your body so you'll sit up straight, with better posture.

These chairs will also help to increase your blood flow and circulation, meaning that more oxygen can get through your entire body. Back pain may also be the cause of other aches in your body, so a chair helps you to feel good everywhere.  

Also, recent studies have shown that up to 80% of all pregnant women experience severe back pain (especially lower back pain) at some point during their pregnancy. A massage chair Australia product can help to safely get rid of this pain. 

Finally, looking for a retailer that offers massage chair Australia delivery means you can start feeling mentally better as soon as your chair arrives. 


Because massage chairs help to release "feel-good" chemicals in your body like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. 

These are the same chemicals that make you feel amazing after you conquer a serious workout or fall in love with someone new. They're a natural high. They can even help you finally get a full night's sleep again!

Now that we've outlined all the best benefits of a massage chair, let's talk more about the top 3 massage chair Australia models. 


1. The uDiva Classic Massage Sofa

We're eager to share all the features and benefits of our first massage chair Australia product with you now. 

We love that this chair combines both vibrating massage techniques with special ball massage options, so that you're hitting your worst knots from all angles. 

The vibrations will also help to increase your blood flow - meaning that if you sit in this chair even for just a few minutes every day, you'll notice you're working with an increased vitality. 

In addition to having more energy, you'll also be able to sleep better, as the chair works to identify specific acupressure points in your body, or areas where you hold the most tension.

Instead of attacking them (as many unskilled or just uncaring professional masseuses do) this chair gently stimulates these points to ensure they don't return the next day.

This chair really does help to retrain your back, instead of just offering you the temporary relief of a hand massage. 

This option has five different "auto massage programs," so that no matter what you're struggling with, you can get help for it. 

There is a program to help you sleep, a spa "feel-good" option, one to help you to get better lumbar support, another to give you energy in the mornings, and finally, a neck and shoulder option.

You get the picture: no matter what kind of stress you're dealing with, or where it's living in your body, this massage chair will work hard to eliminate it.

You can even sit in this chair when you're watching TV after a long day, enjoying your favorite book, or taking a much-needed power nap!

The chair is available in both mocha and caramel shades, meaning that it's perfect for both your home and your office. 


2. The uDeluxe Massage Chair

Are you looking for the feeling and stimulation of a hand massage, without the costly trips back and forth to the spa? Look no further than the uDeluxe massage chair. 

This massage chair Australia product is created with V-Hand technology, which is designed to focus on your neck and shoulders, where much of our back tension originates from. 

The V-Hand technique is designed to massage a wide range of motion, without uncomfortable privacy concerns you may feel in a professional setting. 

But we know it's not just your neck and shoulders that are giving you grief. That's why we love that this chair has several different auto-massage options. Just sit back, click a button, and spend the next few minutes relaxing. 

If you sit for hours at your desk, you'll love the lumbar-focused option, which targets the buttocks and releases tension caused from uncomfortable desk chairs. 

There's even a "daily essentials" program to encourage you to just take 15 minutes for yourself every day. It's a great form of preventative healthcare and stress relief, all in one!



3. The uLove Massage Chair

We couldn't resist saving the best massage chair Australia model for last. 

The uLove massage chair represents the ultimate in luxury - both in design and features. 

Many people don't realize that the angle of recline can really make a difference in a massage chair. That's why we love the fact that this massage chair Australia model can do all the way back to 155 degrees.

This means that even more of your back area will be targeted, and that pressure points will be easier to untangle.

Of course, it goes without saying that this chair works hard to give you a head-to-toe experience. It even comes with a footrest area!

Another wonderful aspect of this specific massage chair are the massaging mechanisms themselves. Your body is massaged with specially-designed 720-degree roller balls, which will help to target those really tough "knots" that even professional hand massaging sometimes struggles to un-kink.

Our favorite feature though, has to be the Immersive Audio System, which will help you to relax completely. It's especially beneficial for those who are looking to the power of massage to help them overcome mental health issues. 

How does it help? It lines up audio queues with the massaging movements of the chair, which will help you to let go of tension even faster. These sounds help to retrain your brainwaves by encouraging them to send relaxing signals to your whole body.

This in turn makes you to enter a state of conscious relaxation - when you're still awake, and are actively experiencing your body letting go of the tension it's been holding for so long.

It's basically a form of meditation, where you can clear your mind and focus on healing. 

Also, it's available in five different colors, meaning you can easily match it to the decor of your favorite room for relaxation. We especially love the elegant "Handsome Brown" shade!

If you're looking for the ultimate in in-home massage chair Australia products, this is the option to go with. 


Where Can I Find These Massage Chairs?

We know you're eager to get started on your journey to wellness with these massage chair Australia products. 

We want to make sure you can get one in your home as soon as possible, so you can start feeling better today. 

In addition to information about massage chairs and other massage tools, we also offer wonderful wellness tips so you can find the best ways to de-stress on a daily basis.

If you have additional questions about the shipping and payment processes, please feel free to take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us directly. 


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