Top 5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety And Depression: Student Tips  

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Telling someone “it’s okay, you will do better next time” or “be positive, you will pass the course” rarely works on the life of a student. Emotions do not simply vanish by saying these things.

College life can be stressful when you are trying to juggle work, friends, school, and family and figuring out the rest of your life that causes anxiety and depression. Everyone may have sudden moments of feeling depressed and anxious but if you persistently feel that way and feel that it is uncontrollable, then that can result in significant distress in a number of settings such as peer relationships, school, friends and home life.Students facing similar issues can follow the below guidelines in order to cope up with their anxiety and depression.


Step #1 Get a Massage

Massage therapy may not be the first thing that comes in your mind to deal with anxiety and depression but when you come to it, it is one of the most helpful treatments for such issues.

Massage therapy will not exactly help you cure the issue you are facing but will help you relax and relieve the physical symptoms associated to it.


Step #2 Meditation

One can take out some time alone and focus on meditation. Sit in a comfortable position alone and divert your attention towards breathing.

Count each breath as breathe in and out and keep continuing that for ten to fifteen minutes.


Step #3 Boost of Endorphins

Personally, my favorite solution to tackle to problem is to get engaged in any forms of activities that will keep me busy and shift my mind away from unhappiness and concern. 

One can join a gym, ride a bicycle or start playing any sports. No matter what you do, your body and mind both will thank you.


Step #4 Talk to Someone

Sometimes just talking about what is causing you stress or sad about or having someone to listen to your major issues and problems can help you in reducing the problem as well.


Step #5 Find a Hobby

What I personally prefer for people who are suffering from anxiety and depression is that they must change their daily routine habits and find a hobby.

A hobby that will bring a change in their routine life will help them in diverting and relax their mind when they feel anxious.  


With managing workload, meeting deadlines and wanting to pass out with flying colors is what every student wants in their college life. But with all that if unmanageable, brings in anxiety in a student’s life.

One must understand that depression are a part of life but if they are effecting your daily life, you should realize that its high time to figure something out to work on it.


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