5 Ways Massage Chairs Are Good For Stress

Posted by Ho on 25-Aug-2017 15:00:00

In a fantasy world, we would all have time to get massages regularly and they would be affordable. Regular massages would keep our bodies happy which would improve our mental state.

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Occupational Stress: Signs, Causes, and Prevention

Posted by Ho on 18-Aug-2017 15:00:00

You ever have one of those days? What happens when it turns into weeks and months?

Venting is a coping mechanism that we've all used at some point to help deal with occupational stress.

Maybe your boss has been extra tough on you lately. Maybe the office gossip has thrown a target on your back. Maybe the workload is just more than any one person can possibly handle.

Or maybe you just hate your job and you're tired of doing it. 

So what do we do? How do we prevent occupational stress? How do we properly manage it when we can't prevent it?

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The Importance of Massage for Stress Relief

Posted by Ho on 20-Apr-2017 21:00:00

Are you experiencing health problems related to stress? Is stress negatively impacting your life?

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