What Is An Electric Pulse Massager And How Does It Work

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Today's world moves quickly. From work to family time, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in one day. Balancing life with relaxation is a difficult task.

One of the side effects of a busy lifestyle is muscle fatigue. Even the healthiest among us are likely to experience sore muscles at one point or another.

In fact, it's estimated that 80 percent of the population will deal with back pain during our lifetime.

Traditional avenues exist to combat sore muscles, but again, time is always a factor.  Scheduling massage appointments or trips to the chiropractor often interferes with our lives.

Luckily, there is an at home solution to relaxing that's both cheap and won't waste valuable time. We're talking about an electric pulse massager.

If you've haven't heard of the devices before, you're in luck. We're breaking down exactly what is an electric pulse massager and how do they work.


What is an Electric Pulse Massager?

Electric pulse massagers work by sending electrical current in controlled levels throughout the body. Often used in physical therapy settings, the ultimate goal is pain relief and "muscle re-education."

Wires affix to the skin through adhesive patches, that then channel the electrical current. Typically, patches are placed on the back and neck, though any sore areas are prime candidates for therapy.



Pain Relief

The primary use of at-home electric pulse massagers is pain relief. It's a simple and effective way to avoid the hassle of traditional massage. In less than an hour, the massager can reduce pain and relax muscles enough to make the day's stress a thing of the past.

Two schools of thought exist as to why the massagers are so effective at helping average citizens take care of their own aches and pains. 

The first is Gate Control. This theory says "pain" travels through the nerves to the brain. But first, the "pain" passes through a "gate. The electric current from your massager "interferes" with the "gate" and blocks "pain" from ever reaching your brain.

The other theory asserts that the electric stimulation causes your brain to release endorphins that block pain. This theory is fairly straightforward. The more stimulation, the more endorphins released, and the less pain you'll feel.

Regardless of which theory is correct, the end result is the same. Less pain all from the comfort of your own home.


Muscle Re-education

Muscle re-education isn't something most at-home electric pulse massager users need to concern themselves with. However, those with nagging injuries might find the information useful.

The electric current forces stiff or weak muscles to contract involuntarily. This has the effect of both loosening those muscles, and in other cases rebuilding strength. 

Both results retrain the brain to contract the muscles in question. Regained muscle control is the end result. 

Purchasing an electric pulse massager is an excellent option for anyone looking to relax sore muscles after a long day at work. They're affordable, available, and most importantly, effective. 

If you're in the market for a massager, get in contact with us. We carry a variety of massagers for every situation.

Take a look, and imagine your aches melting away while you relax at home.


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