What You Should Know About Diabetes And Massage

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Massage therapy has been noted for its health and wellness benefits for thousands of years. It is often used to relieve pain and increase relaxation. Did you know it is also beneficial for those with diabetes? 

Diabetes and massage may not be the most obvious pair. We're going to break down several of the benefits diabetics can get from massage therapy. 


Diabetes and Massage: The Benefits

In addition to prescribed treatments, massage can have a fantastic influence on the body of a person with diabetes.

Here's what you should know about diabetes and massage: 

  • Diabetes can cause stiffness resulting from thickening connective tissue. This stiffness can be painful and uncomfortable. Massage is an excellent solution to increase comfortable mobility. 
  • Massage is relaxing and lowers stress levels. Stress management is incredibly valuable for everyone, especially for people with diabetes. This is because high-stress levels can raise blood sugar. Massage is an excellent way to tackle that problem. 
  • Massage helps the body release toxins. When massaged, tight areas that have been receiving limited circulation are relaxed. This releases the metabolic waste products naturally produced by the body. These toxins then need to be flushed out. Water aids your kidneys in flushing out these waste products efficiently and effectively. Make sure you always drink plenty of water to help your body flush out toxins after a massage. 
  • If you use injectable medication, you will find that massage increases insulin absorption at the injection site. With regular massage, the body is better able to absorb insulin and manage glucose levels. 
  • Massage lowers blood sugar levels. Diabetes management is all about controlling blood sugar levels. Make sure to check your glucose levels before and after a massage, ensuring they don't drop too low. 

Of course, consult your physician before making any changes to your diabetes management. Massage is a complementary treatment for diabetes. It will help your body manage the effects of diabetes, along with medication.


At Home Massagers

Diabetes and massage can both get expensive. 

What is the best way to incorporate massage into your life without breaking your budget? Invest in an at home massager

OISM has an excellent line of at-home massagers. Products include massage chairs, foot massagers, and handheld massagers. 

Having an at home massager allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home at any time. Wonderful options feature different types of massage. Examples include reflexology, rolling, vibration, heat, air compressor, and water massagers. 

Several massagers feature pre-loaded programs catered to your lifestyle. There are massages designed to relax you before sleep. There are also programs to help aching feet after wearing painful shoes. There are even ones for post-work out recovery.


In Conclusion

It turns out, diabetes and massage are a great match. Ease your symptoms and improve your health with a massage today. 

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