Why Am I Sore After Using a Massage Chair?

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The massage industry has expanded over 100% in the past 10 years.

It's left many people wondering: if massage is so good for me, why am I so sore afterward?

We're here to shed some light on the topic. And we'll look at how this soreness leads to long-term benefits.

Let's explore why a massage chair makes you sore.

We Expect Pain Before Relief

In many cases, we've been programmed to expect pain first.

We have all heard sayings like, "No pain; no gain." "Things get worse before they get better."

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

But this should not apply to your massage chair. It should work through tense muscles. But it shouldn't leave you feeling like you just went through a meat grinder.

Because of this misunderstanding, you may use a massage chair that's too rough. Or you may use it too long.

But with the right chair, you can find balance. That's the place where you feel pleasantly sore without being in pain.

Why You Feel Sore

During a massage, the device is activating your muscles. Muscles naturally get tight from stress, lack of exercise or some activities.

If you haven't performed a certain activity in a while, then one or more muscles may be just sitting there in disuse. If you were to then exercise that muscle one day repeatedly, you would feel some muscle pain.

What Happens to Muscles

A massage wakes these neglected muscles up. It's not the same as exercise. But it does increase the blood flow through them. It helps them release toxins so that they can be processed out of your body.

It allows old cells to be replaced with newer, healthier ones.

Your muscles may also become slightly inflamed after 1-2 sessions in a massage chair. This is simply your body's reaction to a new sensation. It can cause soreness but fades with time.

The right level of soreness is similar to the soreness you feel 1-2 days after a good workout.

What Happens to Hormones

As a byproduct of this muscle stimulation, a massage can increase the release of dopamine, the feel-good hormone.

This naturally-produced brain chemical helps people better manage stress. When stress is better managed, you may feel other beneficial health effects like:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Easier to maintain healthy weight
  • Reduced anxiety and depression symptoms

The Long-Term Results

Over time, as you continue to activate these muscles and release these chemicals, muscles become less sore with each session. You begin to realize real long-term relief.

You'll find that you feel taller because your muscles are more actively controlling proper posture. When you rest, you can rest more deeply.

It's so much easier for you relax every muscle in your body. You'll be more flexible and less prone to injury.

This often leads to better sleep and increased energy during the day for better work performance.

Massage Chair Soreness

Massage soreness is a natural part of the process toward receiving the health benefits of massage. Don't overdo it the first time. And use your chair regularly to reap the rewards.

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