Why People Living with Fibromyalgia Should Own a Massage Chair?

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With massage therapy showing great results for individuals living with fibromyalgia, owning a massage chair is a great option to consider. 

By putting treatment into the hands of patients, a great sense of control and individuality can also be experienced. 

We are going to share with you why people suffering from firbromyalgia should own a massage chair:

Massage benefits for people living with fibromyalgia. 

Living with pain can have traumatic effects on all areas of an individual's life. 

Regular massage therapy has been proven to address some of the following areas:

  • Improves sleep due to relaxation, allowing the body to recover more effectively.
  • Can restore strength to worn out muscles leading to more energy.
  • Relieve stress leading to mental clarity. 
  • Reduce the number of headaches due to blood flow. 
  • Regulate hormones, help with appetite and break away from 'fight of flight mode' which can improve the mental health of an individual. 

Massage therapy will also act as another activity to build into the routine of someone living with fibromyalgia, giving them something to look forward to and participate in. 


Why People Living with Fibromyalgia Should Own a Massage Chair.

It can be used in the comfort of their own home.

Many fibromyalgia patients are already snowed under with doctor appointments and physiotherapy.

Traditional massage options can become yet another appointment on the calendar that takes great effort to make it to. 

Owning a massage chair means that people living with fibromyalgia can access the benefits of a massage while in the comfort of their own home. 

Individuals can multitask while using it.

A massage chair machine is also a non-evasive treatment method as most patients can incorporate it into their existing schedule due to the ability to multi-task while using it. 

Reading, tv watching, radio listening, or working on the computer can all be done while sitting in a massage chair allowing individuals to continue activities they love while also reaping the results massage therapy can bring. 

Puts control back into the hands of the people. 

It's easy to feel helpless and powerless when it comes to treating and dealing with fibromyalgia.

A massage chair puts the control back into the hands of the individual. 

Patients can play an active role in their health once again and can participate in their treatment themselves. 

Cost-effective treatment option. 

A massage chair may seem like a big investment up front, but whenever you consider the amount it costs to use a masseuse it actually pays for itself after a few sessions.  


Investing in a massage chair. 

We have been awarded internationally as one of the best brands when it comes to product design and quality. 

Every product we make has our customers well-being in mind.

Should you be interested in investing in a massage chair we have several options available online for you depending on your needs. Alternatively, you can find a store near you. 

If you need any assistance in this process please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.


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